Jean Paul Gaultier in Pride

31.07.2020, Interview Kultur Mode

For 2020 Pride, Gaultier’s classic and iconic perfume LE MALE got a makeover in rainbow colors. Throughout the course of Jean Paul Gaultier’s career, LE MALE has been a mainstay of his design ethos and a flagship product since its release in 1995.

While many brands have jumped on the Pride bandwagon in the last couple years, Gaultier was at the forefront of this movement long before it was fashionable, so we are happy to collaborate with their initiative.
To show support of its colourful makeover, we asked three members of Berlin’s fabulous ballroom community to talk about what Pride means to them.
Fabio Pace AKA Fab 007 found great support and inspiration within the ballroom community. Working in the fashion industry, he is able to use his creativity and keen eye as a tool, encouraging others to present themselves in their most fabulous light. Many of those involved in ballroom serve as mentors, while the Balls are a fellow safe space of support for those that may otherwise normally be at a social disadvantage. While Berlin is indeed queer friendly, many surrounding spaces and suburbs are not. This gathering of queens and kings alike serve as encouragement to speak openly about their problems and successes, and to network within a diverse array of sexually liberated, free individuals, and most Ballroom events in Berlin give back ticket costs directly to organisations within the LGBTQI+ that dedicate their time to assisting those that are searching for authenticity and fighting for their freedom of expression.  

Creative Direction: Götz Offergeld, Art Direction / Video Editing: Noé Cassi, Music: Baptiste Rogers, Talent: Fabio Pace

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