Queen of Techno: Sita Abellán x Numéro Berlin


About self expression and art: Numéro Berlin in conversation with cultural tastemaker, Dj and stylist Sita Abellán, photographed by Szilveszter Makó.

Sita Abellán and Szilveszter Makó joined forces to create a project that proves that self expression and art can always be made regardless of a medium. Even under quarantine, no matter the limitations, art will flourish.

Shot completely in isolation using an inexpensive webcam, Szilveszter helmed the shoot in Italy with Sita as his muse over a thousand miles away in London, bridging the two worlds together through the camera.

“I believe photography isn’t about expensive equipment and sets, it’s about the resolution to create and capture the moment”, says Szilveszter.


How this looks like, you can see below. In this context, Numéro Berlin discussed creativity with Sita Abellán. About artistic signatures, techno and staying real.

Numéro Berlin: What is your favorite track of all time?

Sita Abellán: Te estoy amando locamente from Las Grecas.

Which song has strongly influenced you in your life?

I think 1000 Dreams by Miss Kittin & The Hacker really represents my mood and my vision in almost everything I do.

Do you remember the first record that you bought?

I bought Gorillaz’ first album for my eighth birthday. I remember this very well because it was released the day before. For some reason, the mix of musical styles on that record resonated with me at that early stage of my life. And I loved the visuals!

What does techno music do to you? What does it mean to you?

Techno is my favourite kind of music. Leading up to my love of techno, I was and still am a huge fan of electroclash, dark wave, punk and industrial music. These were the genres I mostly listened to when I was a teenager and somehow I think my taste developed and evolved into techno lol. In Spain we have a culture for techno so I started going out to techno clubs when I was very young. It’s in my veins!

Also, I find techno “radical” to understand. And that’s probably why I love it the most. Cause I often like things that not everybody can understand easily. And I really don’t expect people to understand it when I play it. I just want to share the feeling that when you listen to it nothing else exists. I kind of enter an atmosphere when I listen to techno. It brings me somewhere else. 

Do you have any creative role models?

Yes, Salvador Dalí.

What do you consider as a strong artistic signature? What makes a unique artistic signature?

To stay real to yourself and to do what you believe in is what makes what you do unique.

What are your thoughts on contemporary techno music?

It’s really good to see many female DJs playing nowadays. And the fact that current techno is more aggressive and faster than earlier techno really pleases me. I’m all for the 130 Bpm and more.

The most inspiring person you have worked with so far in fashion?

This is a difficult question as I think everybody really inspires me in some way. I try to get inspired by everyone I have worked with and bring that special sparkle they give me when I meet them and guard it as a treasure

What makes a strong and memorable outfit for you?

By expressing your feelings and yourself I guess. Also don’t forget the jewellery and accessories.

Explain us the background: Why are you so fascinated about blue hair? When did blue become your signature color?

Actually blue is not one of my favorite colors to wear. I barely wear blue clothes… and even less navy blue. For some reason I started dying my hair and experimenting with it. I’ve dyed it many different colors, but when I dyed it blue, I really loved it and felt that was the one for me. 

You grew up in a small Spanish town. How did this life influence your creativity and your life today?

I grew up in a small town compared to big metropolitan cities, but it’s not  a super small town  and of course not being in those big cities you can sometimes feel that it’s more difficult to find kindred spirits – people can be a bit judgemental. I had a harsh time when I was a teenager and felt misunderstood. The internet was a great tool for me during this time. I could find other like minded artists in the world with their own visions and could also share mine without feeling misunderstood or crazy. When I started traveling everything changed. I met a lot of people who I feel really connected with (on the professional side). I met new friends, many new people! But still, Murcia is home for me, my family is there and my old friends too. It’s my place to heal. Everytime I go there I feel kind of reborn. I enjoy it a lot.

What kind of role did / does your mother play in your life?

My mother has always been an inspiration for me and always will be. A strong woman that has always loved me and supported me in every choice I’ve made. I could not be doing what I do without having her behind me. I’m lucky to have the family I have. 

What are the lessons you have learnt during your career?

That the only thing that matters is to stay real and true to yourself.

Three words that describe your own brand Lilith?

The brand was founded in 2018 and it’s my little baby. I have some pieces that are coming out this summer and over the next couple months.  There is a collaboration with Misbhv coming out in September. Next year the brand is taking a big step and I can’t wait to share!

“Practise what you preach”. That comes from your Twitter Account. What does that mean to you personally?

It’s important to stay true to your beliefs. At the same time I think we should always be able to change our mind without being told we are incoherent – if that comes after a period of crisis / self doubt / doubting our own beliefs. Personally it means that I have control of every decision in my career, I was never imposed anything by anyone. I am my own boss and I take accountability for my actions. 

Your message to all women?

I stand for gender equality and my effort every day is to prove it and inspire other women to be strong and be inspired by other women to be strong. I think that gender inequality is one of the principal unjust issues  there is in humanity and through that lens we should look at all other inequalities.



Muse: Sita Abellan, @sitabellan

Photographer: Szilveszter Makó, @szilvesztermako

Styling: Sita Abellan, @sitabellan

Contributor: Timi Letonja, @timiletonja

Interview: Sina Braetz, @sinabraetz

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