Jean-Paul Gaultier in Pride, Part lll

22.08.2020, Interview Kultur Mode

Celebrating its 25th birthday properly, Gaultier unveils LE MALE’s debut in rainbow colors. Entering the 2020 Pride season with a multicolored version of their iconic and bestselling perfume, they continue to uphold diversity.

Ever since Jean Paul Gaultier started his career, Pride and diversity had a huge impact on the ethos of his work and its designs. Before it became fashionable, Gaultier was already in the front line to support the movement openly through public display of the brand. It comes as no surprise that we are happy to have the chance to collaborate with their initiative.

We wanted to join in on the celebration and the support of the Pride edition and invited three members of the fabulous Ballroom Community in Berlin. They told us about the value that Pride holds for them.

Devid Gualandris AKA Dev Milan from the iconic House Of Milan in Berlin is the muse of this third and final interview. Devid dresses up as the iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier Sailor and gives us some of his best moves.

Devid started his voguing journey while studying in Berlin. He got interested in the culture and the moves on his own and joined the voguing scene shortly after. Coming from the North of Italy, he is happy to have a family that is very supportive. However, he knows that not everyone is as lucky as him. He strongly believes that Pride is necessary to make the community stronger and celebrate all voices and all unique personal stories.

Creative Direction: Götz Offergeld, Art Direction / Video Editing: Noé Cassi, Music: Baptiste Rogers, Talent: Devid Gualandris

Colmar x Numéro Berlin: Exclusive Fashion Editorial by Patrice Brylla