Hero Fiennes Tiffin During Lockdown

23.09.2020, Beauty Interview

An interview with the new face of Ferragamo: Hero Fiennes Tiffin. Hero talks with us about his pointed lack of social media, low-maintenance beauty, and his newest passion: tomatoes.


Hero, you’re 22, but I read that you’re unlike most people your age in the sense that you’re not a social media user. You don’t use any apps other than Instagram, and even then, it is only for work-related purposes. Do you find this is healthy for you, mentally?

HFT: I think if you have a bunch of apps and spend a lot of time on them, and derive enjoyment from that, then that can be healthy, too. But if you don’t, then you shouldn’t use them. It comes and goes with me. Instagram is mainly there for work-related purposes, but if I’m bored and wanting to indulge, then I spend an hour watching funny little videos. It’s okay like this; my time spent on social media comes and goes.

What do you think of the recent crazes of TikTok and Twitter drama?

I feel that if something is super hilarious or controversial, then whatever it is or wherever it is, it will float its way to the top and you will see it regardless of how active you are. If something is worth seeing, you will see it. I do sometimes get jealous of seeing what I am missing out on when friends post. But none of this is too important. I feel good about the time I spend doing other things rather than scrolling through social media. What I gain in productivity is worth more than what I’m losing by not being socially active. I still fall into the trap every now and then, but…

Quarantine has obviously given all of us a lot more time to simply observe. Have you found yourself more attuned to your surroundings?

I haven’t been the most productive lockdowner, but I have done a bit of gardening. Exercise dipped for me, but it recently has gone back up. My cooking has also gotten better. My basic skills have improved during lockdown, as opposed to picking up something completely new.

Do you have any passions that are not well-known to your onscreen persona?

I mean, I don’t know how long this hobby will last, but going back to my lockdown gardening, we have attempted to start growing tomatoes at my house. They’re coming along! I wouldn’t say this is a rare skill- I definitely do not have a room of rare orchids- but my tomatoes are getting there. I’ll let you know how they taste.

Do you prefer watching movies or reading?

I can confidently say that I prefer watching movies… although I am aware that I should probably read more… It’s movies that made me want to do what I am doing.

What role would you enjoy reprising?

Indiana Jones would be good. I’d like to have that hat and whip. That would be pretty cool.

As the new face of Ferragamo, namely their new fragrance, what role does beauty serve you, now that the idea of men claiming beauty is more recognised?

When I m lucky enough to do stuff like this, when I am put in clothes like Ferragamo, beauty plays a much bigger role. But to be honest, I think the idea of beauty is more about feeling good, feeling comfortable and confident, and doing whatever it takes to get yourself there, whether that means a couple sprays of Ferragamo, or if it means completely changing your whole routine. Feeling good is a huge part of everything. I encourage everyone to strive for it. I don’t have a complex routine- I shower, I moisturise, and I brush my teeth- but that is how I feel good.

The Ferragamo campaign speaks on being who you want to be: #JustMyself – Who do you want to be?

Myself. I know that sounds like an out of an answer. But I do think that. I want to be the best version of myself. Strive to be the truest version of yourself. Don’t try to copy others. Don’t be what society or your parents or your teachers tell you to be. Focus on who you actually really want to be.

Lastly- aside from Ferragamo- what is your favorite smell?

When it rains in London in autumn. When the leaves are wet. There’s no other smell like it. Londoners will know exactly what I’m talking about: I used to hate it, but now the smell is so reassuring to me.

The new Ferragamo men’s fragrance is now out. Pick it up if you enjoy Mediterranean citrus and leather accord. Follow through to the Ferragamo hashtag #JustMyself to see further scent-spiration. 



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