Louis Vuitton’s New NBA Capsule Collection

13.10.2020, Mode News

Louis Vuitton has already mastered the craftsmanship of high-quality travel equipment. In the past this has included personlized trunks, suitcases, and monogrammed bags, but this year they added something new to their repertoire: a bespoke Louis Vuitton Trophy Travel Case for the world-renowned basketball champion Larry O’Brien. Historically, the trophy is passed down between winners of the NBA Finals.

The collaboration between French craftsmanship and American sports does not end here: as part of a three-year partnership, Louis Vuitton now presents the first LVxNBA Collection, under the artistic direction of none other than Virgil Abloh. The collection will be launched on the 20th of November and will include limited edition clothing, accessories, leather goods, and shoes.

Based on the idea of a player’s wardrobe, the collection captures three main dress codes: for the frequent traveling,  a luxurious cashmere tracksuit with graphics that form the lines of a basketball; game arrivals are expressed in impressive leather jackets, monogrammed pants and t-shirts; and for the press conferences, the stricter dress code is expressed in smart suits with the NBA logo as an infinite houndstooth pattern. Details of the collection are in the colors red, white and blue – French national colors or of the NBA logo (although it could be debated this is also a nod to America, the originator of the NBA.)

“Fashion muses aren’t predictable. Ideas of luxury can be found in the sports world and its champions just as much as in traditional forms of artistry. This collection celebrates the cultural contribution of basketball and its diverse characters, and the idea of relatability as a force of unity today,” comments Virgil Abloh, Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton.

Photography: Louis Vuitton
Talents : Omari Phipps @ Premier Model / Alec Pollentier @ Rebel Management

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