Time to Think

14.12.2020, Design Mode

Saying we don’t have enough time actually means we are not able to dedicate enough time for ourselves in which we are free to do all the things which we want. For example, times in our lives that we perceive as meaningful or valuable. Time, in which we are “in tune” with ourselves and our capabilities. The distractions of the media- fueled, hyper-connected world seduces us every moment in which we haven’t switched off our phones; it is the enemy of creativity. As is the speed in which this world pushes us forward. This doesn’t mean it hinders us from being creative. Creativity is a fundamental human ability that enables us to find the next image to post on Instagram, to write an email, to deal with the struggle of our everyday lives. To put it simply: to solve problems.

However, there are layers to creativity. It can get increasingly harder to be creative in a sense of being inventive, creating something new, coming up with innovative solutions for problems that are beyond the daily banalities. Like an artist, who wants to create a new groundbreaking work. A writer, writing a text about a complex issue. Basically, all of us sometimes need time to think things through. And this is what we feel we don’t have enough of. We act and react, but we do not feel that we are in control. Creativity needs time, as well as a physical environment or mental state in which to think freely.

It is one of the biggest challenges of our age to carve out this precious time in which we allow ourselves to let our minds wander. To dive under the surface of the day-to-day challenges, to see the world as it is, is complex. And to make sense of the complexity, that we have no choice but to ignore if we want to master our everyday lives. So, time in the end is not to blame; there isn’t enough or too much time. Time simply is. It is we who have to make room in our busy schedules, to dedicate minutes, hours or days to think deeply. This is the beauty of time: It enables us to do astonishing things. But it takes self-control to get there. The ladder is what we are truly missing, not time itself.


Fashion credit: All watches Pasha Cartier

This story appears in Numéro Berlin Autumn/Winter 2020


Text: Daniel Seetal

Photos: Antje Peters

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