ARKET Introduces Their Men’s Sportswear Campaign for S/S 2021

19.01.2021, Fashion Sport

ARKET is preparing to go the extra mile on January 21st by launching its brand new sportswear S/S21 collection.  While the collection is both a tasteful mixture of both functional and formal, they have nevertheless equipped a star quality to the current sports collection by enlisting the Swedish record long-jump holder, Michel Tornéus, to front the campaign. 

The new edition to the sportswear collection gives the opportunity for ARKET to carefully balance the needs of the modern day athlete, with a focus on smart and functional details and an aesthetic that is best described as minimal which helps to leave a light footprint on the ground. The selection of garments are an essential range which lets you select any workout to suit your needs. From jackets to running tights – this collection is made from recycled materials that maintain a perfect style and quality. Combined with all of the mentioned, the new line has helped to blur the line between both performance and everyday life, making this a collection not just for athletes or sportspeople but for the majority of everyday. A conscious effort has been made for this collection, with each garment created to meet the specific requirements of activewear. From reflective details to drawstrings to fit adjusters the collection is a reflection of the different ways in which we seek to move and choose location, mountain trails to city jogs all are adaptable when wearing this collection.

For Tornéus, who retired in 2019 after an international career, spanning over more than a decade and full of remarkable feats and medal wins, he was the perfect person to represent this collection. Tornéus gave Numero Berlin a lowdown on the importance of a mindful workout and keeping a balanced lifestyle. 


The Memories

‘One of my strongest memories as an athlete is from my first coach, Raimo, with whom I trained when I was 7 to 10 years old. He knew that I and many in my group came from households with a tight budget, where asking for track and field shoes was out of the question. Raimo’s solution was to ask former athletes to donate their old spike shoes to him, so we could borrow a pair during the competitions.’ 


The People

‘I knew I was talented but I needed people around me that could motivate me and also show that they believed in me. Being a poor kid from the outer parts of Stockholm is hard and there are many roads you can take. It helped me a lot to have people around  me showing that the easiest way is not always the best.’ 


The Small Things

‘I have trained for so many years, but I only focused on performance and never gave a thought to the mental aspect of it. Nowadays I do not chase results in the same way as before. I’m in a phase where I am still trying to get to know myself without sports as my foundation. Today I have accepted that even small steps can be a huge achievement.’ 


The Mood Elevator

‘After staying away from training for almost a year, I noticed how I slowly ended up in negative thoughts. I was tired and often in a bad mood. One day I passed an outdoor gym and spontaneously decided to do some exercises. After working out for about one hour I sat down and it was as if I recognised myself again. That’s when I realised how important training was for me.’ 


The Motivation

‘During my career, I always tried to remind myself, why do I compete? Is it to become famous? No. Is it to make money? No. I compete because I love it. I love to challenge my body, how hard can I push it. How far I go. I try to see the 10-year-old Michel who ran home from school, ate a sandwich and then jumped on the bike to go and train and be with his friends.’ 


The Fun 

‘So, even in those important moments, try to remind yourself why you are doing this. Most of us will probably get the same answer, we do it because it’s fun. Remember that and everything will be so much better.’ 


The new ARKET sportswear collection drops in stores and at on 21 January 2021.


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