A Titanium Sculpture On the Wrist? Hublot and Shepard Fairey Made It Happen

22.03.2021, Art Fashion News

To continue their dedication to art and their “Hublot Loves Art” program, the Swiss watchmaking manufacture presents the Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Fairey timepiece. 

Having worked with big names like Takashi Murakami and Richard Orlinski, Hublot is now joined by none other than Shepard Fairey, who is entering his second collaboration with the label. Shepard, who works as a painter, designer, DJ and street artist, is not only the founder of the OBEY Clothing company but also one of the most political and loudest voices of our generation. Best known is the artist, who’s pseudonym is Obey, for his “Obama Hope” poster from Barack Obama’s 2008 election campaign as well as for his “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” piece, which he created as a symbol of hope after the 2015 terrorist attacks in France. His works are shown at MoMa in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Los Angeles County Musem of Art, to name a few. 

For his second collaboration with Hublot, the label and Shepard Fairey have chosen a watch from the Classic Fusion Collection that promotes the natural cycles of life and the unity between different cultures. Integrating the aesthetic of mandala, an ornamental symbol whose origins can be traced back simultaneously to several cultures across the planet, the design aims to represent a harmonious living between human and nature and a connection to the elements. The center reveals Fairey’s signature “Star Gear” mark. When asked about how to incorporate his message into the work with Hublot, he replied: “Art has power visually and conceptually. With many of the things that I create, I’m hoping that the power of the visuals will also draw the viewer into thinking about things they may not otherwise. My most recent Hublot collaboration features a mandala, a symbol of harmony, unity, and wholeness in many different cultures. In the spirit of the mandala and my belief in world citizenship, I am donating a portion of the money from my watch sales to Amnesty International.”

That art should use every possible platform and be interwoven into everyday life is firmly part of Shepard Fairey’s principles. For the multidisciplinary artist and activist, taking time to experiment or taking the time to do things that inspire his creativity and conceptual thinking is something very special. He says: “The concept of time is very motivating to me. We only have a certain amount of time to be alive so the constant reminder to use my time wisely is something that a watch provides and is something that I appreciate.”

The Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Shepard Fairey is available now as a limited edition in the Hublot e-shop and boutiques. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to Amnesty International in order to support the fight for human rights and global harmony. 

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