Pornceptual Launches Magazine #4: FUCK 2020

23.03.2021, Art Fotografie Kultur

How can pornography be artistic without reinforcing heteronormative forms of sexuality? What is necessary for pornography to be subversive and to question usual pornographic labels? Why does conventional pornography still struggle to be queer, diverse and inclusive? 

In order to explore these questions and many more, Pornceptual is launching its fourth edition of the magazine, entitled FUCK 2020. The art platform aims to present pornography as queer, diverse and inclusive and de-contextualizes it in its conventional sense by concentrating on sexually explicit content with an art angle. 

Yes, 2020 has been a tough one. And still, about the consequences of human touch becoming lethal has not been talked about enough – at least until now. Pornceptual’s issue addresses the effect the pandemic and isolation had on our sex lives, of course, but speaks about political nature of bodies, queerness, feminism and digital sex as well. Over 100 artists from 33 countries are contributing to the issue and have created pieces of art that take pride in the forces of the communities represented. The result is a powerful testament to the strength of marginalized sexualities. The cover features French ballroom legend Kiddy Smith, shot by André Atangana, who in an exclusive interview discusses how queer and sex positive nightlife respond to the closing of typically crowded, indoor places. Another big topic of the magazine is increased social media censorship as a constant threat to artists’ as well as Pornceptual’s own online presence. 

Since we are true fans of the platform and the magazine and our next issue may circle around a closely related theme (uhh-ohh), we’re most excited to give you a little sneak peak of some of our editorial teams’ highlights.

The pre-sale of the magazine starts today, Monday the 22nd and launches on the 29th of March. Get your copy here!

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