“These Projects Are Ads for Creativity”: Vans’ Brand Campaign 2021

18.03.2021, Art Kultur Kunst

Like Numéro’s current issue, Vans’ latest campaign is also all about creativity and encouraging and celebrating it in all forms. Instead of following a conventional ad brand campaign approach, “These Projects Are Ads for Creativity” chose to support and empower artists to bring their own individual projects to life. While putting the artists and their stories in the foreground, the campaign discovers new forms of creativity: “We wanted to use this campaign as a vehicle to showcase real, physical creativity in all its forms. So, we just gave creatives all over the world the opportunity to create things.” says Rob Teague, Vans Global Executive Creative Director. Our editorial team checked out all 14 projects and chose carefully – and we’re happy to present our favorite ones:

Neon Sign – Dani Bonnet 

Los Angeles-based Danielle Bonnet is a neon artist who likes to mix in heavy metaphors and symbolism. For VANS, she created an homage to the style of the traditional American Eagle tattoo. 

DIY Darkroom – Anthony Acosta 

Professional skateboard photographer Anthony Acosta built, with some help from friends, a fully functioning darkroom to process and print film at home. “I guess my story could show that if you put your mind to something, or you’re passionate, things will happen”, so the artist. 

Fiberglass Sculpture – Alex Jenkins 

Alex Jenkins’ fiberglass sculpture transformed the illustrator’s ideas into 3D. The giant head that’s carried by its small body has an opening which will spring lights and projections. Jenkins is even planning to build a whole world around the egg-shaped sculpture: we’ll keep an eye on him!

Mixed Media Painting – Rewina Beshue 

Exploring themes of time, space and reality, painter Rewina Beshue is known for her colorful and freeform paintings. For the project, she created a mixed media painting that is a mix of psychedelic and chromatic schemes and seems to be the perfect reflection of daydreams. 

Ceramic Vase – Lalese Stamps 

You might have heard of Lalese Stamps, ceramicist and founder of Lolly Lolly Ceramics. She made a vase for “These Projects Are Ads for Creativity” that draws on inspiration from the black and grey checkerboard on the Vans Slip-Ons. Mixing ceramics and Vans? The checkerboard never looked better. 

You can learn more about the campaign and explore some other projects here.

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