Welcoming ATYPIC’s Debut Collection

05.03.2021, Allgemein

We want to introduce to you the fabulous new eco-concious brand ATYPIC that launches its debut collection entitled ENTROPY this Sunday, March 7th

Instead of counting on quantity, Toronto-based creative Tristan Cole relies on quality. The collection, which consists of a pair of jeans, a modular bag that comes in two colorways and, be ready, a foam chair (!), has an environmental agenda at its core. To generate a low CO2 footprint, the collection is fully upcycled and recycled – and very hot. “I wanted this first release to emanate what is to come from the brand – something that challenges the viewer to look beyond what is considered the ideal standard of beauty, and appreciate the subtle detailing and technicalities that make the pieces what they are.”, so the creative director Tristan Cole says on his debut collection. 

Created from 100% reclaimed denim, the A.SABI jeans come in a patchwork aesthetic. Due to a special treatment, the pants have a dusty effect which will fade after multiple washes and times worn so that the organic color of the denim will finally show. The mid-sized A.SHIBARI modular bag is of either transparent sapphire or canary yellow material, mixed with a black strap and details. For carrying and storing your everyday items, the bag is an appealing companion. And finally, our favorite: the A.TOPO chair. The modern olive Bean Bag chair is inspired by the organic shapes and natural topography of the Earth’s surfaces. With its uneven structure and foamy consistency, it does not only look sexy in the living room but should be pretty comfy as well.

The campaign is shot by Canadian photographer Jonathon Smith

ENTROPY can be bought on www.atypic.cc from March 7th

Editorial: Dior Men by Matias Alfonzo & Fabio Pace

ALL LOOKS BOTTEGA VENETA Photographer: Daniel Roché Styling:


ALL LOOKS BOTTEGA VENETA Photographer: Daniel Roché Styling: