ARKET Releases Full Linen Collection

29.04.2021, Fashion

Is there anything so nice as the simple act of throwing on a crisp button-down linen shirt? It there anything so casually chic as lounging in the park wearing loose cut linen trousers?

In linen, you automatically look put together. Effortless and elegant. You look like a million bucks but you spent 50. There is a reason T.S. Eliot references linen in a couple of his beloved poems. Linen itself is poetic: it’s bohemian, it’s effortless, and it’s just plain good.

Today, ARKET has released an entire linen collection, from which you can build an entire summer wardrobe. Linen is also naturally sustainable. Just ask the hippies who made it so popular. But if Woodstock is not your thing, well, good. ARKET has made this collection much smarter, easily worn in the office or into the evening.

Search for your perfect new linen outfit here. There is a full women’s and men collection. We’ve already chosen ours: it’s the full brown look with Japanese style sandals for us.

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