Bottega Veneta Launches Digital Journal

01.04.2021, Fashion News

When Bottega Veneta vanished from all social media platforms earlier this year it seemed an unusual decision. While other brands were extending and polishing their insta and Tik Tok contents the Italian company decided to make themselves harder to find. Like no other brand Bottega managed to reach great popularity on IG (Rose Huntington-Whitely posted 39 selfies with her pouch alone). Was the company now willing to lay back and rely on its fanbase for their social media presence? Of course not. From yesterday, it became clear that Bottega had a card up their sleeve when launching their digital journal called Issue yesterday. “Social media represents the homogenisation of culture,” designer Daniel Lee tells the Guardian in advance of Wednesday’s launch of the magazine. “Everyone sees the same stream of content. A huge amount of thought goes into what I do, and social media oversimplifies it.” The publication will be released quarterly with every new collection and has its home on the company’s website. It features the Bottega community, which for the first issue include Missy Elliott, Tyrone Lebone, Rottingdean Bezaar, Barbara Hulanicki and more. Get excited for playful balloon art by Masayoshi Matrumoto, jello accessoiries by Deadhungry, impressive photography and more.

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