We’re Celebrating BIMBA Y LOLA’s Sweet 16 – Featuring 16 Sweet Creatives

16.04.2021, Anzeige Fashion News

For BIMBA Y LOLA’s coming of age, the brand and Numéro comissioned some of Berlin’s favorite creatives to create their personal birthday card – dedicated to BIMBA Y LOLA’s spirit, their youthfulness and their eye for the outlandishness. 

Founded in 2005, BIMBA Y LOLA is known for combining a playful aesthetic, courageous prints and modern colors in their bags and accessoires. But the label is also all about community and has spread its vision through creatives and artists, collaborating with female musicians or presenting fashion itself as art. In the past years BIMBA Y LOLA has participated in art fairs worldwide, always with the idea in mind that fashion cannot be separated from art and culture, especially in current times. 

It is therefore obvious not to let the brand celebrate its coming of age alone (we have already had enough birthdays cancelled due to Covid), but together with their community. In collaboration with Numéro, 16 creatives from the culture industry were asked: photographers, fashion directors, artists and probably the coolest nail designer in Berlin reinterpreted and rethought the essence of the label. 

The outcome are diverse and exciting pieces of arts that refer to BIMBA Y LOLA‘s signature logo, stage the iconic LB bags or even go golfing with the brand – at least on paper.

Antje Peters is a fashion photographer from Berlin who always integrates an artistic approach to her photographs, transforming the LB bag into a candlestick (and what a candlestick it is) and lighting birthday candles for BIMBA Y LOLA. And the Berlin tattoo studio Golfclub, consisting of migran.ttt, joeydonttrip, nobodywilltattooyou and misanthropy, takes the label to the golf course, at least in the illustration they made. Not only is there a birthday cake to blow out, but the bag is repurposed to collect golf balls. BIMBA Y LOLA gets another birthday cake from Isabell Wenzel, who is an art photographer. However, she uses the opportunity to bury her face in the cake and discovers different functions of a birthday cake. 

The nail studio Isla on the other hand immortalizes the brand’s initials – of course – on a nail design that reinterprets the label’s font and presents it against the background of the bag. Thomas Hauser and Timothy Schaumburg, both Berlin-based fashion photographers, staged the LB bag in their very own aesthetic. Thomas Hauser in his classic black and white, where the piece replaces the model’s face. Timothy Schaumburg, on the other hand, explores the bag as if it were something sweet, with red lips that are on the verge of snacking on the neon green bag. 

Then there is also John Michael, a visual artist who personified and customized his LB bag and added a chic leo print to it while capturing the process in a cool video. Another video comes from our dear Fashion Director Sina Braetz, who, currently based in L.A, is sending over sunny birthday wishes and showing us the signature bags via FaceTime. Multidisciplinary artist Niklas van Schwarzdorn/Miss Ivanka T., who’s among other creative director at Hart Magazine, photographer and podcast host, stages himself completely naked yet the whole body painted in red while the neon yellow bag matches his hair perfectly. Creative and border-questioning as always, hair artist and face painter Janina Zais uses the face as canvas to the paint the label’s name over a model’s face.

Monja Gentschow dedicates one of her stunning illustrations to BIMBA Y LOLA’s birthday celebrations, in which the artist is depicting typical objects linked to birthdays like flowers or candles. Alexander Gabriel is a Berlin-based Stylist and editor who, for his congratulations, dressed up in an evening dress and sent us some beach vibes (yes – we are jealous!). Director and editor Noé Cassi did what he does best and explores in a video different LOLA Y BIMBA styles while adding color as well as water splashes. OOR Studio, our creative network rooted in Berlin and operating internationally, presents the LB bag in a true Berlin matter: taped to the inside of an elevator and presented in form of a roughly edited video. 

Berlin’s best curated Instagram feed comes from Dönerteller Versace, who not only has a great feed herself but is the meme maker of berlinauslaendermemes. For the sixteenth birthday of BIMBA Y LOLA she stages the LB bag in a surreal aesthetic. Lastly, model-musician-actor Steve Morell, who was one part of the DJ duo The Scandals and works as a radio host, is also called the king of the Berlin underground scene. Wearing the simple, all black LB bag, he poses for the camera while keeping the colors in black/white and red.  

Check out the rest of BIMBA Y LOLA’s birthday celebrations on their website.

With thanks to the artists. 

Picture courtesy of the artists and BIMBA Y LOLA. 

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