Justine Laeufer: Rebel Rebel

12.05.2021, Art

“IT’S ALL TRUE” – 2021

„Rebel rebel, you’ve torn your dress
Rebel rebel, your face is a mess…“
(David Bowie, 1974)

Uncomfortably beautiful, timelessly punk, disconcertingly fragile

Justine Laeufer is known as a photographer and collage artist, but has also made a name for herself in fashion and beauty photography and has already worked for numerous well-known publications. A combination of analog photography and its destruction and alteration creates unique, handcrafted one-offs by the British woman.

“AWAY WITH ME” – 2021

A new self emerges, a new identity, a new connection, inspired by Dadaism, Constructivism and London punk. It’s about bringing things together that might not seem to go together at first glance, but which in the end still harmonize. A kind of rebellion against ourselves and what we see as limits, external conflicts. Nostalgia vs. here and now. Feminism vs. Masculinity. Opposites. The search of a rebel.

“I HAVE NO WORDS” – 2021

“REBEL REBEL” by Justine Laeufer is presented by THECURVE Berlin


The World’s Worst Hobby with Dennis Buck

Do not hide.
Do not be discreet.
Go get lost. Purposely. 

Do not hide.
Do not be discreet.
Go get lost. Purposely.