The Dr. Martens 1461: The shoe of the summer

06.05.2021, Anzeige Fashion

Dr. Martens. A shoe that is known to all of us, loved by people of all different styles and is a loyal companion for many years. The iconic 1461 has now been a permanent seat in our shoe cabinet for more than six decades.

On April 1st, 1961, the 1461 was born, it was the 2nd style of Dr. Martens‘ production line and presents a low-cut version of a truly legendary shoe, the 1460-boot. With the classic yellow stitching, air-cushioned sole and of course the highly valued, hard-wearing leather, for which Dr. Martens has always been valued by both the rebels of the street and the stages of the world. The result is a versatile shoe that carries us throughout the year.

The shoe, which was originally only available in black or red, is now back with a large selection of new colors and the new 1461 iced “translucent sole”. It is our perfect companion for the summer, who expresses our individuality and supports us in everything, we stand for or want to get involved in. But he will not only be with us this summer. We all know a Dr. Martens shoe is the union of robust comfort and timeless design, which is a long-term companion due to its high-quality workmanship and unmistakable quality. The 1461 not only survived different phases of fashion, it was always a loyal companion and a firmly established part of her. The times when we considered Dr. Martens only as a strong companion through the cold winter, or the windy autumn days are over. It is time that we carry it with us into the summer.

But this shoe doesn’t just accompany us through one summer. A partner that will stay with us for a long time.

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All pictures courtesy of Dr. Martens


A combination of the renowned sports brand and the iconic British label result in a brilliant f …


A combination of the renowned sports brand and the iconic British label result in a brilliant f …