The World’s Worst Hobby with Dennis Buck

14.05.2021, Art Fashion

Berlin-based artist Dennis Buck is currently working on his latest exhibition entitled “World’s Worst Hobby” which will be shown at Office Impart. A studio visit not only shows his work, but also his exciting character.

Leipziger Straße in Berlin Mitte is bustling with traffic. The shopping mile and tourist boulevard Friedrichstraße is in close walking distance, as deserted as ever before. However, Dennis Buck is flourishing. With a broad grin, open mimic and painted fingernails, he opens the door to his studio on Leipziger Straße.  It smells of paint and silicone. His previous project, the so-called “Buck Bags”, are a real eye-catcher and now already adorn the arms of some of Berlin’s most creative. The artist used the material silicone as a base for the bags, which makes the texture a real experience. And thanks to the material the bags are unbreakable, stretchable and even water resistant. Dennis Buck recently posted videos on his Instagram account where he threw the bags into a swimming pool with playful ease. The absurdity of these half-sculptures and half-accessories shows the essence of Dennis Buck’s work very well.  

But his most recent project, mostly still unfinished, are paintings. He still works as usual with his favorite material silicone, but this time in a much gentler and less bold way than usual. Instead of his first and last name as thick silicone letters or his cell phone number and address, these paintings rather reflect a dreamy and nostalgic interpretation of Dennis Buck’s longing to travel. At the core of each of these paintings are original photographs that Buck himself took around 2015 in Los Angeles: “I have a love-hate relationship with LA. Whenever I’m in Berlin, I want to be in LA and vice versa. Currently, of course, I have a strong desire to be there again.” The photographs are framed with silicone gradients in the most fabulous color combinations, encouraging the silicone traced photographs at the center of each painting to continue dreaming. But it’s not all that simple for artist Dennis Buck. It’s not for nothing that the title of the exhibition of these works is “World’s Worst Hobby”, as Dennis Buck finds the process of painting indeed simply exhausting. “Painting is not a nice occupation for me. I only do it because I’m so keen on the end result.” According to Buck, he could imagine much more pleasant things than painting – for example, hanging out in Weinbergspark with an Aperitivo. But that’s exactly why people enjoy his art so much.  It’s lively, humorous and not at all conformist. He won’t say no to a good Spritz, very understandable.

Photography and Creative Direction by Celine Paradis 
Styling and Text by Julius Rueckert 


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