Venice Biennale: Architettura 2021 – Germany’s New Serenity


The 22nd of May will launch the 17th annual Venice Biennale of Architecture. Architects from around the world will be showcasing their projects, representing their country and their artistic, tangible visions focusing around this year’s theme and question “How Will We Live Together?” In an ever-growing divide of togetherness both physically and ideologically, this theme loudly tolls.

“We need a new spatial contract. In the context of widening political divides and growing economic inequalities, we call on architects to imagine spaces in which we can generously live together: together as human beings who, despite our increasing individuality, yearn to connect with one another and with other species across digital and real space; together as new households looking for more diverse and dignified spaces for inhabitation; together as emerging communities that demand equity, inclusion and spatial identity; together across political borders to imagine new geographies of association; and together as a planet facing crises that require global action for us to continue living at all.”

Hashim Sarkis, curator of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition

Germany, well-loved and known for its architectural firms and giants, is choosing to showcase an astonishingly long line up of talents that include not only architects, but also a wide array of artists, ecologists, economists, philosophers, and scientists. The show is entitled “2038: The New Serenity” comprised of video, virtual submersion, and architectural properties, and aims to show how in the future, after a series of numerous crises one-after-another, a core group of people may manage to create a decentralized utopia. In a special collaboration, 2038 will also be joining forces with the Berlin street newspaper Arts of the Working Class, which you can see busked on all subway lines and in main central plazas (or swing by their HQ in Kreuzberg), for a one-off edition. You can find more info and follow along both on the 2038 website as well as on its instagram. Viel Gluck, Deutschland!

Text by Janna Shaw
Photos Courtesy of Omoju Miller & Audrey Tang, 2038

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