Dr. Martens: A Year-Round Brand

08.06.2021, Anzeige Fashion News

It’s been more than 61 years since the first pair of Dr. Martens boots rolled off the production line and marked the birth of a shoe icon. Having become an idol for numerous subcultures, the brilliance of a Dr. Martens shoe might be the one thing punks, goths, hippies, mods and skinheads can all agree on. Dr. Martens stands for quality, durability, style, comfort, and, above all: Spirit.

In the spirit of Dr. Martens unique DNA and tough-as-nails attitude, the brand is expanding their sandals range this summer. Get ready for colossal soles, faux fur elements, hardware-inspired leather and innovative design, all welted on an AirWair sole. Of course it wouldn’t be a true Dr. Martens sandle without the unmistakable yellow welt stitching.

The new collection holds treasures for everyone: constructed from smooth Hydro leather featuring gunmetal buckles and faux fur or for those who wish to take it up a notch should watch out for the Voss Quad with its towering sole. Or maybe something more bold? The new version of the brand’s Gryphon sandal featuring metallic leather and silver nickel buckles and the new Tract sandal made from hardwearing poly, ripstop and webbing sat on a light-yet-rugged Tract outsole which the brand claims to be „its most contemporary and innovative sandals to ever leave the production line“.

With the new collection Dr. Martens offers shoes breathable enough for the hottest months and tough enough to outlast the season. We dare you to wear them with socks and make them part of your autumn wardrobe.

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All pictures are courtesy of DR. MARTENS

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