Let’s go to the beach – Let’s go get a wave

23.06.2021, Fashion News

Hardly anything has been discussed as passionate and with so much tension last year as the summer „vacation“ in 2020 and if we would be even able to enjoy one – but this year things seem quite more optimistic. Since more and more people are getting vaccinated and the latest regulations have been relaxed, it’s time to spend that long-awaited summer vacation on the beach.

So this is the perfect time to introduce the new ARKET BEACH COLLECTION – because what would a beach holiday be without the perfect beach wardrobe?

The summer collection offers several looks that are ideal for beach days as well as for hot days in the city. The light and airy materials of the clothes are making it easy to wear them in the heat. The neutral shades of the color palette combined with materials such as cotton and linen are creating a perfect resort look. And last but not least, the beach collection contains pieces made out of recycled materials and organic cotton.
Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

All image Courtesy of ARKET

Words by Annika Duda