WEEKEND PLAYLIST PT. 16: Alizée Gamberini


This week’s playlist comes from the Parisian creative and model Alizée Gamberini.

Alizée shares her very own aesthetic and at least lets us take a look at the world she is living in her head. Numéro Berlin had a little talk with her about one song stuck in her head and what music means to her.

Which song will you remember forever, even though it is years old? 

The song I will remember forever and first comes to my mind is “Trust” – The Cure  from the 1992 “Wish” album. The whole album is a mood. I am picking this song to answer that question, but honestly I will remember all of the songs of the album for the rest of my life. 

What do you associate with the song “Trust”?

“There’s no-one left in the world 
That I can hold onto 
There is really no-one left at all 
There is only you 
And if you leave me now 
You leave all that we were 

There is really no-one left 
You are the only one 
And still the hardest part for you 
To put your trust in me 
I love you more than I can say 
Why won’t you just believe?”

“Trust” is for me a very powerful song about love and soul mates. I am deeply fascinated by human connections, lover’s relationship and soulmate stuff. I am not able to connected with a lot of people. Small circle, higher values. I don’t let people in easily. I don’t really like people, but the ones I choose are forever in my heart. Trust is everything. Without trust there is nothing except pain and struggle. This song if for lovers who are desperately looking for someone who understand and believe them. 

Who is and will forever be your all-time favorite artist?

I have a crush for Robert Smith, The Cure. His words are running into my head, body and soul. Forever. 

In which way do you feel connected to music?

I am always connected to music, from the moment I am opening my eyes in the morning to the moment I am closing them at night. I always felt connected to it since about 10 years old. Like a confident or some strange energy which has always been able to understand me better than people. Since I was a little girl I always thought nobody was able to understand me, I am a terrible introverted extrovert, and I love to experience things by myself. My connection with music is unique and very powerful. We are one. 

If there were any concerts happening right now, which one would you go to?

I wanna go to a Justin Bieber concert next and listen live to the “Justice” album. I love it. So many good vibes. I am waiting for him to come to Europe.

How would you describe the kind of music you are affected to and what does it make you feel like?

I don’t have a favorite music genre. I just like songs that sound good. I have no specific taste. If it slaps, it slaps hard. Music has to make me feel good. Happy or sad, I have to smile. 

Silence or music? 

This is definitely one of the most though question you could ask me, because honestly I think I can only answer that it’s not about silence or music, but about silence and music. Both have a very strong meaning to me and bring me completely different type of feelings. Silence allows me to focus and concentrate on my imagination, to listen to the world in a totally different way than with music. Music allows me to express and liberate my mind and body with strength, power and emotions. Both are so important for my peace of mind and total freedom. You have to listen to silence and music. They are great teachers. 

Interview by Carolin Desiree Becker

All pictures courtesy of Alizée Gamberini, photographed by Ismael Moumim


This weekend’s playlist comes from Berlin-based c …


This weekend’s playlist comes from Berlin-based c …