Casablanca predicts heatwaves with its Spring 2022 collection

02.07.2021, Fashion

Casablanca’s Spring 2022 was presented during Paris fashion week during the last week of June. The summer is going to be hot, good thing Charaf Tajer’s designs are made for the heatwaves. All the goodness coming from this presentation has kept us awake at night, today we decrypt and send a love letter to one of our favorite brand of the moment.

Complete allure between parisian chic and a zest of old Hollywood decadence, Casablanca has definitely set a new tone on how fashion needs to be done, especially in menswear with a strong seventies revival expressing a cool and shifting masculinity. The brand has us all going into our grandmother’s wardrobe to snatch an old silk scarf or a pearl necklace and we enjoyed mimicking their kitschy yet so tasteful take on vintage bourgeois codes.

This season Charaf Tajer kept on delivering amazing fashion to wear at the tennis clubs or hang out in the lobby of your local palace. His signature sporty chic style took a Japanese twist as the collection, entitled «Masao San», is a homage to one of the designer’s dear Tokyoite friend who introduced him to the Japanese iconography of the 90’s. From the ping pong attire to the bento box bags, the japanese pop culture is seen throughout the collection.
This take on vintage japanese aesthetic is smartly balanced with the use of the Memphis codes, art movement founded in the 80’s in Milan, known for the use of clashing pop colours and geometrical shapes. With a style already very define, Charaf Tajer truly elevate his fashion this season with structural shapes and very strong prints in all colors of the rainbow.

Large collars, cropped tops and high-waisted pants. A wardrobe to have fun in! We are looking forward to summer and even if we might not leave the city due to travel restrictions, we are ready to make the most of it and wear a Casablanca flowy ensemble in our neighbourhood like we are suddenly transported to the French Riviera, enjoying our old-money lifestyle. Wether it’s on Saint Tropez’ yachts or at your local pub, boys and girls wrapped in Casablanca’s delightfull pieces would be everywhere. At least we hope.

Text by Marien Brandon

Images courtesy of Casablanca