Lazoschmidl’s “Overdose”, an ode to queer nightlife

12.07.2021, Fashion Editorial

The label Lazoschmidl presented its Spring 2022 collection during Paris fashion week at the end of June and nothing could have closed pride month on a higher note. Andreas Schmidl and Josef Lazo have always been associated with a queer representation, designing collection exempt of the traditional ideal of masculinity. Refreshing and fun Lazoschmidl fashion resonates with the recent actuality, the crafty jewelry and joyful prints could wrongly be seen as naive, but speaks volumes when seen in parallel of the raise of hate crimes again LGBTQIA+ people. Infused in a queer aesthetic the fashions is loud and daring as it has to be seen, a representation that matter of a community whose voice needs to be heard.

The collection going by the name of «Overdose» set the tone for a general party mood. The film directed by Julius Hayes is an ode to the newfound nightlife. The models are taking bathroom selfies, enjoying romances that only last one night and being showered by silver confettis as they walk a catwalk without public, metaphoric of the post-covid social anxiety. The clothes include latex pants on suspenders, ensembles in distorted prints and colorful cycling shorts. Garments to have fun in. The t-shirts are adorned with messages such as «4 Sale» or «Check (me) out now», Andreas Schmidl and Josef Lazo declares that Black Friday will come early this year and we are all for sale. Echoing to a certain retail therapy that helped us go through the tough days of self-isolation we all experience but also to our dating habits, over-consuming love interests as we do with fashion.

The « Loverboys » shooting, captured by Alan Marty, crystalize the spirit of the brand. A homoerotic daydream. Fun, colorful and always sexy, Lazoschmidl is one of our favorite labels at the moment and we will keep an eye open on what’s next for them. The hoodie-paired-with-underwear look was already a go to home-office outfit for me, i’m now tempted to get some yellow latex gloves to be runway ready at any time. The masculine ideal is dead, we now all want to be Lazoschmidl’s loverboys.

Text by Marien Brandon

Photographs by Alan Marty

Make-up by Ruben Mas

Models: Saeed, Pacome and Verner

All looks and underwear LAZOSCHMIDL SS22


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