Small World – Big Impact

01.07.2021, Fashion News

It feels like new trends come and go every second. Fashion brands want to produce more, faster and cheaper. This means that fashion is moving faster than ever before and fast fashion is the absolute box-office hit. But little by little, an enormous desire for change and improvement is developing in the industry. It’s like this: If you gradually become aware of your consumption, at some point you will no longer consume without a guilty conscience. And it is precisely this desire for something new and better that Mr. Porter has dedicated himself to with “Small World” – and thus has a big impact on sustainability within the fashion industry.

As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations Mr Porter launched “Small World,” a new curated selection of global, independent, and diverse brands that celebrate craftsmanship, responsibly-made products, and local communities in a thoughtful and intentional way. “Small World” showcases 33 brands that are truly special by virtue of qualities such as their provenance, skilled heritage craftsmanship, their support of regional artisans, or the use of recycled and low-impact materials.

Sourcing from producers ranging from Tibet, Nigeria, Mexico and Bali to the United Kingdom and Japan, the Small World collection focuses especially upon those brands reusing various materials cast off from elsewhere, from discarded fishing nets and deadwood, to 1960’s-era military parachutes and tent fabrics. 

And by the way: Each Small World brand will also sit within Mr Porter’s newly-launched “Craftsmanship Code,” an evergreen section of the site designed to champion products made by brands that make a positive contribution to their communities and operate with environmental and social considerations at the forefront of their design and business decisions. Elements of the collection span fashion, home decor, grooming and watches, all intended to showcase local communities and artisans from around the world, and appeal to new desires of customers for sustainable, conscious products.

All images: Curtesy of Mr. Porter

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