17.08.2021, Fashion News

In the old days, certain fashion rules were made to never be broken. Thankfully, these days are over and breaking with the norms kind of belongs to the good tone of fashion. Even though there are times and places that do dictate modesty and formality, our wardrobes are less restricted than ever before. There have always been progressive minds in fashion challenging popular trends and who continue to reshape the zeitgeist. 

At the forefront: A Better Mistake. Founded in 2020 by creative director Ferraro and his partner Marco Agnolin, the Italian label is all about breaking down boundaries within fashion, boycotting clichés and stereotypes. The name “A Better Mistake” itself is an ancient Chinese proverb that encourages mistakes. It’s about the moment in which there is no fear of being mistaken; allowing one to reach creative freedom. Which is what the brand does on many levels. Keyword: Creative disobedience!

“For me, creative disobedience means to encourage people to think more – I feel that the world nowadays is built on an illusion of freedom. It’s about breaking boundaries, and being curious, asking yourself why things are the way they are. It’s about creating your own identity and not adhering to how society expects you to be,” so Madame_inc, creative director of A Better Mistake in an Interview with Dazed. These ideals translate into collections that are made from materials chosen for their practicality and durability, whilst being undeniably fashionable. Meaning techy finishes meeting bomber jackets layered over skin-tight mesh tops, vinyl parachute trousers matched with clean-cut blazers, and oversized hoodies, heavy-weight tees, and sweaters branded with broken glass prints and abstracted computer graphics – all being gender neutral by the way. 

With the intention of the label to erase the boundaries between the sexes and to ignore the idea of ​​seasonal collections, it is also going its own way and building a like-minded community of employees and fans. A Better Mistake encourages people to be themselves, create their identity and not adhere to how society expects them to be. This natural flow of curiosity, learning and growing is key to the mindset of A Better Mistake, as it encourages people to evolve in the way they feel; by using fashion their instrument. “A Better Mistake’s pieces are going to live together with someone else’s life experience, and they’re going to mix up and create worlds you couldn’t imagine before,“ states Madame_inc, ”That’s the beauty of doing what we do: someone else is using your world, dreams, and ideas to create their own.”

All Images: Courtesy of A Better Mistake
Words by Annika Duda


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