(di)vision at Copenhagen Fashion Week

11.08.2021, Fashion Mode

Back in 2018 siblings Nanna and Simon Wick founded (di)vision, a sustainable streetwear brand focused on upcycling military surplus. They have now shown their latest collection in the opening show of the SS22 Copenhagen Fashion Week. Besides staying true to their heritage of reworking vintage garments, they included more loungewear this time in a similar split-design, or as Nanna calls it: “Disrupted loungewear styles”.

The label is divided in two categories: “We work with vintage pieces we reconstruct for our line called (di)construct, one-off-one unique pieces made here in our studio in Denmark. Then we also use designer deadstock fabrics we source in Prato, Italy for our seasonal (di)vision collections and work with small factories in that area”, Simon tells previous to the show.

As a small label they are glad to be given the opportunity to present at Copenhagen Fashion Week: “We started out posting our styles on Instagram, but you might get put into a box as an Instagram-brand. Being able to present at the fashion week, we can show that we are more than just Instagram posts and small drops, we’re a whole universe”.

At the same time they want to beak with the norms, not just with their way of only designing with pre-existing materials, but also in the way the consumer can shop their pieces: “We are now working with a big seasonal collection, that will land in store for Spring/Summer, just like every typical brand. But we also have the one-off unique (di)construct pieces, some of them will be available on our web shop directly after the show, some maybe a few weeks later. Some of the pieces in the show are also from older collections. If we still have something in storage, instead of throwing it out, we can show it again. It’s not essentially see-now-buy-now, it’s what makes sense to us”, Simon explains.

A big part of (di)vision’s DNA is their DIY-aesthetic. “We ship our own packages, we shoot the e-com, we design and sew the samples”, Simon tells us, “you know, being a new brand, you have to wear a thousand caps at the same time, we’re still developing into the roles. In everything we do, we don’t want to complicate it”. Nanna agrees: “We are talking a lot about inspiring other people, because doing what we do is pretty easy, cutting up t-shirts an making a split design. We want to give this easy feel about upcycling. The first years we didn’t really now if we wanted to do the whole fashion week race, but when you do sustainable fashion, I think it’s super important be visible, inspire others and show that even smaller brands can do this”.

The new Spring/Summer 22 draws inspiration from the past year: “We wanted to create our take on loungewear, we wanted it to feel light. But we also used a lot of colors and prints, which we haven’t done before”, Nanna explains her design process.

Text: Hannah Sulzbach


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