25.08.2021, Beauty News

With its unique look and feel, the PACOLLECTION joins the Paco Rabanne success story in a straightforward manner when it comes to expressive fragrances. Nine perfumes, in collaboration with number notable perfumers. Nine unisex fragrances, each representing a distinct mood, identity or personality. Nine new bottles, in a sleek, chromed metal finish. All this and much more is the new fragrance collection from Paco Rabanne.

The Pacollection marks the brands first fragrance collection under the guidance of French Designer Julien Dosenna. “I see Paco Rabanne as a state of mind,” said Dosenna, “the mind of a creator, who had a vision of fashion and of life in which women would be emancipated, at ease in their bodies, so much at ease in their bodies that they could turn their armour into sensual clothing. Paco Rabanne today is all about being fully alive.”

A collection of a wide variety of fragrances was created – ideal for every personality. From the most sensual to the most extroverted to the most exhilarating. But the fragrances are not only convincing due to their olfactory character, but because of their innovative design. Each fragrance comes in a patented soft, flexible bottle, which fits smoothly into the aesthetics of the fashion house. 

The nine products – for example Genius Me, Erotic Me, Fabulous Me, Crazy Me, Dangerous Me and Strong Me – are truly the final puzzle piece to complete your aesthetic, identity and personality. 
Which one are you?

All images: Courtesy of Paco Rabanne // Graphics by Bastian Hagn