This weekend’s playlist comes from singer and songwriter Hēir. After releasing her debut EP Daddy Issues last year and thus making her life-long passion for music her career, she recently released her new single Nobody wants me. A song you don’t mind playing endlessly on the radio with its light-hearted pop melody but lyrics that go beyond. For us she created a playlist perfect for slow mornings or chill evenings, with some slower songs by Sufjan Stevens, Arlo Parks or newest Billie Eilish mixed with Kanye West and Radiohead.

As your parents are both classical musicians, how does this influence your music?
I guess it really made me appreciate instrumentation. The first project I put out had a very cinematic production, which in a way sits very close to classical music, because it takes its time into the journey. And then again I learned a lot from my parents in terms of work ethic, I used to wake up as a kid and find them both in different rooms rehearsing for their concertos.

When was the first time you made music yourself?
I think I was about 13 and had my first iMac with GarageBand on it. So I started putting my vocals down on piano chords.

How does music help you expressing yourself?
You know, when you’ve got so many things to say but you’re so overwhelmed, you end up saying nothing? In music I’m able to say it all without feeling too vulnerable. Everything that’s scary becomes empowering and I feel in control.

Is it easier for you create music out of happy or sad emotions?
Probably sad emotions. There’s a pattern in my music making where uplifting and apparent happy songs hide a sad subject. Very in tune with me being a Gemini.

After your first EP and now your songs “it’ all good until it isn’t” and “nobody wants me” what is next for you?
More releases, an EP in 2022 and a tour!!!

Hēir shot by Michael Percy in Puglia for Numéro Berlin wearing Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello
Interview by Hannah Sulzbach


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