23.08.2021, Fashion Interview Mode

Saks Potts definitely was among the highlights of this Copenhagen Fashion Week, after establishing itself the past seasons as a highly coveted fashion brand. Mainly thanks to their colorful fur-coats, sparkly two-piece sets, and all-over monogram looks, worn by many celebrities and street-style-stars. Now, all of this is gone. With the presentation of the new Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Saks Potts is heading into a new direction, including an all new SP-logo and new key pieces.

The collection feels more mature, with many long-line coats, staple shirts, classic cuts and neutral shades, hues of light blue, orange, and pink remain. Founders and designers Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts created a new language after seven years of Saks Potts. But not only that changed, fans of the label can now purchase the collection for the first time directly after the presentation.

Read what inspired Saks Potts’ new direction below in an interview with the designers.

Was it hard for you to “let go” of the famous Saks Potts designs, that made up a big part of your brand identity?
We still love the Saks Potts styles that have now been archived, but a big part of our philosophy is to avoid repeating ourself and continue producing products just because they sell. We always want to surprise our loyal followers with something unexpected and we feel that the new direction is like a breath of fresh air for our beloved brand.

Why did you only keep the furry coats within your new timeless collection?
It is quite difficult to decide what makes a timeless product. Most people might have considered our colorful shimmer pants as a short term trend but they ended up being one of our best selling products for several years. We felt that the Foxy coats blend in perfectly with the aesthetic of our F/W21 collection and decided to keep them for now, while they will not continue to be a permanent part of our product range.

Do you consider the new direction as a risky move?
Maybe it is, but we are not concerned. Since founding the brand we have done what felt right for us, and followed our instinct and intuition which we feel it is important to continue our success. We like the idea of being a bit undefined, as we don’t like to be put into a box of who we are as a brand.

Was the realignment of Saks Potts a joint decision?
Yes, and we are quite lucky in general to agree on most decisions. Maybe because we know each other so well.

How does your design cooperation look like, in which areas do you complement each other?
We are both creative people, but while Barbara is in charge of designing the collection, Cathrine takes care of the product development. When we started the brand, we wanted to do everything together but discovered that this division of labor works even better.

In your eyes, what are indispensable elements in sustainable fashion design?
To be thoughtful and do your very best, to be responsible in any aspect of your work. Like many other brands we are still learning, but sustainability is an important topic for our brand. We work with several sustainability consultancies to make our brand even more responsible in the future.

Your show location was the house of Arne Jacobsen, how did he inspire your new F/W21 collection?
Arne Jacobsen has always been a big source of inspiration for us, as we feel very connected to his work, no matter if its drawings, furniture design or architecture. The Villa in Charlottenlund is one of a kind and we love how it is both simple and full of details at the same time. In the F/W21 collection we thought of every small details on every piece of garment. While some of the designs seems simple and classic, there leads a though behind every buttom, stitch and detail on it. We though of Arne Jacobsen’s incredible home as the perfect match for our collection.

You have included many tech-accessories in your new F/W21 collection, like AirPod cases – what music did you play during the design process?
The best way off describing the music we heard during the design process is to watch the show videos. The music from the runway were some of our favorite songs to listen to during lock down when the collection was designed.

What made you implement the see-now-buy-now way of distributing your next collection? Where do you see the strengths in this system?
We have always received so much positive feedback on our fashion shows, presentations and campaigns when launching a new collection. While we always felt humble and excited about the positive publicity, it felt wrong that we couldn’t offer our clients to purchase the collection they wanted before after six months. The new way of distribution allows our community to wear the collection while it is new in their mind and we love that way of working.

You have a new category on your website called Obsessions – What are you currently obsessed with?
To be honest, we are quite obsessed with the new direction of the brand and to see the collection and everything we worked on for the past year go live. Until presenting the show, we have been very secretive in our work, so it feels amazing to finally being able to share it all with the world!

Images: Courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week / Saks Potts
Interview: Hannah Sulzbach