This weekend’s playlist comes from singer and songwriter E L L E. Hailing from Tokyo, London and Toulouse where she has been locked down for the last year, E L L E has included daydreaming and fantasising in her music. In a world where traditional concepts have been somewhat wiped by the internet and social media, meaning everything is now jumbled, mashed up, recycled and edited etc… E L L E sees a new world where art is heading which she tries to exemplifie in her most recent realised ‘Deepfake.

What does music mean to you?


How did you first discover that you are drawn to a music career? 

this has all sort of really happened by accident. For a long time and still now I thought I was gonna be a painter. I guess nothing is certain and I could even end up having to go back to waiting tables. I don’t think you go into music these days if you are looking for money. For me, this really started because I love making music. When you love doing something a lot , inevitably you walk towards it, regardless of whatever else you may be doing or where you are walking from. 

Your music style is very interesting, from what inspirations does it come from? 

I really draw from a lot of different sources without any limit or particular process. I guess the trigger to making things is life experience. Or just the joy of making. My most constant inspiration is probably nature. The more time that goes by the more I sort of relax into making. It’s playful too, you have to play with things. Sometimes I want to feel connected to everything. Other times I just want to try to understand what I’m experiencing properly. Music helps me do that. 

What is the story behind you new music ‘Deepfake’? 

Probably a combination of boredom and feeling disempowered. I don’t know always. I was watching loads of early 00’s horror and action movies last year. Resident Evil and Silent Hill and just , all of that. It’s basically chase sequence music. It made me want to run really fast across the fields. I just needed to make something that just grabbed you so quick and dragged you along with it. Where I live is really quiet and I really love that because it gives me space to explore things with much more intensity. 

Can you tell me about your upcoming mixtape FANTASIAA?

It is a project I put together over the last year. After the last EP, I wasn’t really proud of anything I had made. I felt like none of it really had any magical power. It was too cerebral and too insecure. So I wanted to just make whatever and put it all together in one place with no pressure on theme or style. That’s where the title comes from. At the same time it’s really all about escapism and wish fulfillment.  It’s a pop record. It’s E L L E doing pop. 

Can you share with us a song that has a special importance for you? 

I mean all of them do but I guess track 4, Frog Stickers. That’s kind of the turning point of things for me in many ways. I feel like I can’t go back to the person I was before I made it and also…I don’t want to.

You create your own musics, conceptualise and direct your video clips, is it important for you to create your projects from the beginning to the end? 

It’s really born from necessity. Travelling around a lot can mean that you don’t always have solid groups of friends in one location and so making things totally solo can be the only way you get anything made. It can be really daunting putting what you make into the hands of other people. I think also as I was starting out I felt a lot of external pressure to conform to a certain ideal or style in an industry that is still male dominated. Knowing how to execute the vision just put the keys in my hand and took away relying on anyone else. People, mostly guys, would ask me dumb questions because they didn’t believe I was making things alone. If I said I made it, that means I made it. Just how on the flip of that, it’s super important for me to credit everyone who is involved. 

Can you explain in what way this playlist represent you? 

All these songs are just special for me. Music is the most amazing thing in how it colours our lives and realities. it helps with being alive. There are songs on here I thought I would grow out of but to be honest I don’t think I ever will. they’re tied to a certain time in my life. That’s I think what they have in common ultimately. They all have this magic, other, inexplicable thing for me. It’s spiritual. 

Text by Marien Brandon
Images: Courtesy of E L L E