Each week, OOR Studio reaches out to various artists, musicians, and those with all-around good taste to create a playlist for us to play within our offices. Of course we share the best ones with you!
For this week’s playlist we reached out to Danish Techno-DJ and producer Anastasia Kristensen, who just released her highly anticipated “Volshebno” EP. Being her first release since 2019, the Russian-born, Copenhagen-based artist continues to hone her craft, exploring her expansive influences and refining her signature sound – electrifying and colourful heavy-hitting club music.

Let’s start at your roots. How did you get into making music?
It was very natural for me, as music has accompanied me a lot during my formative years. By the age of 14-15, I was really digging all sorts of electronic music, as it served as a mean to escape from struggles of being an immigrant for me. Producing came much later, alongside DJing when I was an exchange student in Canada. Somehow, I got very involved with nightlife and playing myself, which was a natural turning point for me to start producing. Since then, I’ve released 3 solo EPs and plenty of V/A and remix work. 

How did you multi-cultural life, Russian-born and Copenhagen-based, affect your personal style in regards of music?
Integrating into a new society definitely changes one’s personality and world views. I believe moving to Denmark and living here for over 15 years has made me more aware of caring about local community, more humane and socialistic approach to things in general and in regards of music exploring electronic tunes and finding joy in them was a very important tool for me to cope in a new country. I think it was inevitable for me to get involved with music professionally in the end.

What is your most recent project, the three track EP „VOLSHEBNO“, about?
It’s about experiencing and feeling Magic (that’s what that word translates to from Russian). The first emotions, for example when you get a brilliant idea or falling in love. I like how the whole concept tuned out pretty airy and light, but yet with a very strong message and atmosphere. It’s playful and catchy at the same time. 

From a fan’s perspective, you have been living the dream. What would you say is the most exciting about about your profession as a musician / DJ?
Thank you, there’s definitely dreamy sides to it, even though being a touring and underground artist is tough as well. The most exciting part is to share music with likeminded people, see them unite on the dance floor and celebrate our differences and similarities. It’s also super exciting to be involved in a social change some of the parties try to make in their respective areas. That’s important to me.

Since your most recent tracks are just about to be dropped – what is next on your agenda?
It’s always on my agenda to make the world a better place with my art. And on a practical level, I have already started working on new music, actually. Also, I have a really nice tour in the USA coming up and shows across Europe. This year is still a weird one, but turning into some amazing new beginnings already – I can sense that. It’s going to be pretty Volshebno. 

All Images: Courtesy of Anastasia Kristensen
Photography by Sebastian Vistisen Toft


This weekend’s playlist comes from Amsterdam base …


This weekend’s playlist comes from Amsterdam base …