My mission in life is to create a legacy: Numéro Berlin in conversation with choreographer Parris Goebel

16.11.2021, Fashion Interview

The powerful culturual influence of dance is undeniable. It has always been a sport that challenged our society, our thinking as an individual and a community. Styles such as Hip Hop or Voguing have shaken up old, wrong ideas and structures, providing artists a safe space to exchange feelings, visions or even traumas. And yet, dancers don’t receive the same appreciation as other athlets. For this reason, Nike is engaging in the support of dance as discipline and collaborates with strong, talented women to create a stronger and brighter future. Parris Goebel is a world-renowned choreographer from New Zealand who has worked with artists such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. She was a visionary leading cultural moments such as the Super Bowl Halftime ort he Savage x Fenty Show. With Nike, Parris has collaborated on one three brand movies that celebratw her history, her style and her movement.
Dance: Own the Floor.

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Sina Braetz: Tell us, what do you see is your mission in life?
Parris: My mission in life is create a legacy that will live on forever and to express myself authentically and unapologetically.

What was the biggest lesson the pandemic taught you as an artist? Would you say that your art / approach of creating changed?
I would say the pandemic pushed me to be more creative and outside the box with my approach as an artist. We all have our process and things that help us flow when creating and I feel the last 20 months has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. It pushed me to make art in new ways. At first it felt frustrating but essentially drove me to go beast mode and work in innovative and unique ways.

How important do you evaluate the power of communities nowadays, both in dance, fashion andother artistic fields?
Community is everything – mine makes me feel safe at home with my craft.I feel as an artist I immediately connect with other creatives and dancers because we all sharepassion and love for what we do. It’s powerful to be able carve spaces with people who align with what I stand for, and also have a similar drive. Art is all about extending one’s visions, thoughts, feelings and story, and a community is naturally made in response. I look forward to sharing mine and Nike’s Dance Declaration, and to make visible my art for a new generation of athletes.

How do you use fashion as a tool to express your art?
Fashion is another form of expression. The same way I create and curate movement, I do in fashion and through the clothes I wear. That’s why this partnership with Nike means so much to me because I’ve always been a Nike girl and I feel most comfortable when I dance in Nike gear. I feel confident and comfortable and that is everything when it comes to choosing pieces to move in.

How would you define fashion for you personally?
I see fashion as an extension of our voice. It’s a way to speak without speaking, a way to express your mood, your personality and how you’re feeling. Fashion to me is fun. There are essentially no rules and we should wear what we like and what feels true us. I personally love comfortable clothes, I love pops of color and I always like to make a statement.

Interview by Sina Braetz

Credit: Nike


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