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This week we have collected the most unexpected collaborations that will definitely give us a little glimpse into the future of fashion.

Balenciaga unveils “Hacker Project” in collaboration with Gucci at 74 locations worldwide
One cooperation follows the next – this time around Balenciaga joints forces with Gucci. After Gucci and Balenciaga announced their joint “Hacker Project” back in April of this year, the two houses have now released the co-branded collection. Described as “an exploration on ideas of authenticity and appropriation within the fashion industry,” the new capsule from the two Kering stablemates sees classic Gucci and Balenciaga silhouettes and codes combined to create something new. Stand-outs include a rework of Gucci’s GG logo — transformed into a double B logo — which appears on puffa jackets, caps and even socks. Elsewhere, bags have been scrawled with graffiti declaring “This Is Not a Gucci Bag,” and the two label’s logos sit side by side on the crystal-encrusted hourglass suit. The non-collaboration even includes a co-branded Triple S. Besides that pop-up and pop-in stores will launch The Hacker Project series, debuted during the Spring 22 runway show. Some of Balenciaga’s signature architectural elements—logo-shaved carpet, velvet stage curtains, and weathered metal—are reimagined for the launch. Carpets and curtains are etched with a classic Gucci all-over print, but with double-Bs subbed in for double-Gs. Aluminum displays are stained with acid to mimic scrubbed graffiti. Store windows are tagged in the graffiti style with “GUCCI.” By doing so the two brands are questioning notions of branding, appropriating, and counterfeiting in fashion.

An odd pair: Jack Wolfskin x GmbH
A collaboration between outdoor pioneer Jack Wolfskin and the Berlin fashion brand GmbH, might not at first seem like the most obvious combination, but both brands share some fundamental values at their core: sustainability & heritage. Jack Wolfskin are celeb- rating their 40th anniversary with an expedition into the future of fashion. The capsule col- lection makes perfect sense as both brands amplify each other’s strongest qualities. The collection consists of a parka, a bomber jacket, knit sweater and t-shirt with a reinterpreted wolf emblem, a sherpa set in two colour ways, an em- broidered set of shirt and pants with detachable elements, a functional t-shirt, a back- pack, scarves and a tent.

‘An evolving platform’: Highsnobiety opens GATEZERO at Zurich Airport
Highsnobiety has unveiled its first concept store, GATEZERO, in partnership with Zurich Airport. The 120sqm space features more than 15 international brands including Acne Studios, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, IWC and Saint Laurent. It will also offer limited edition releases and items from Highsnobiety’s Private Label Collection. “We always like to show up in unexpected ways and in unexpected places to push boundaries and drive innovation. With GATEZERO, we are focusing on the new generation of luxury consumers”, said David Fischer, CEO and founder of Highsnobiety. “Contemporary luxury is inspiring and inclusive –– both in terms of product selection but also target groups. Together with Zurich Airport, we want to create an innovative shopping experience that reflects precisely these values.”

GIOLÌ & ASSIA team up with Pabllo Vittar for ‘QUEDATE’
Creating music that transcends not just musical, but also political and cultural boundaries, Giolì & Assia continue their trailblazing slew of releases with their iconic collaboration with Brazilian singer/songwriter and drag queen Pabllo Vittar. Drawing on the trio’s musical heritages. On ‘Quedate’ Giolì & Assia’s signature Mediterranean inspired soundscape provide a sumptuous backdrop, with Assia and Pabllo’s sensual vocals perfectly complementing one another to create an effortless fusion, to create a sublime and chilled musical offering. With the world opening up once more, the Duo is announcing their much-anticipated North American tour across the US including already sold-out venues in Toronto, Quebec, New York Denver, San Francisco and LA. Not forgetting their European fans, Giolï & Assia have just announced their Tour dates for Spring 2022, with the girls set to play a run of headline shows across Europe next year.

Tech, Fashion & Environmentalism – NFT digital street wear collection
Founded in 2020 in Amsterdam and based in Barcelona, The Next Cartel is a multimedia organisation offering digital media, creative services and digital fashion. The Media Platform is a catalyst for trailblazers, raising the voices of brave people from the global urban scene. They are at the core of our editorials, which boost innovative Fashion, Tech, Music and Art players. As an Agency, The Next Cartel is committed to provide high-quality creative solutions through compelling storytelling, bold visuals and cutting edge communication, helping brands to connect with the next generation of consumers. The NFT Streetwear Studio creates innovative digital fashion items with a conscious design approach, in order to contribute to the streetwear culture evolution in changing times. The Next Cartel nurtures forward thinking minds and bring culture forward by creating a space where the reality of tomorrow is crafted.

All Images: Courtesy of brands mentioned


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