06.12.2021, Anzeige Fashion News

Bimba y Lola’s latest campaign “LOVE, ALWAYS” opens a celebration of friendship, music dance and freedom.

And everything starts with a family dinner as we all know it too well: The protagonist escapes unnoticeably from the family table to meet up with her friends, who are already been waiting for her outside. They want to enjoy a night full of fireworks, light and rhythm. In the background, the iconic anthem of the 90s “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap! is playing, which perfectly musically supports the feeling that is to be conveyed. In the end, scenes emerge that represent a union. One of diverse people, but united by their love and respect for each other, their passion for music, movement and celebration.

In the foreground of the campaign video is singer, songwriter and performer Nathy Peluso. She is a rising star on the musician’s sky and masters to unite the perfect mixture of different music directions in itself. Together with the 2003 founded artist collective (LA)HORDE, which was founded by Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel, as well working with renowned cinematographer André Chemetoff, the life-affirming scenes were created, which once again clearly focus on what is really important:
Love, respect and time for each other.


The “LOVE, ALWAYS” campaign also presents the most important piece of the upcoming year: The Chimo-Logo bag.
Unmistakably in the foreground the iconic circular logo of the brand, which is also available in a playful version with a metal part in contrasting colors, accompanied by a wide range of colors. From classic black and white designs, to bold purple and fluorescent prints in acid green and orange. The Chimo bag comes in sizes from small to large, making it suitable for the smaller, as well as the bigger occasions of our lives, and can be our daily companion, as well as our ally for a special evening.

The values and what Bimba y Lola stands for and is known for are unmistakable. It’s about liveliness and being the fresh wind that sweeps through the prairie. Freedom and above all one thing: Fun.
That’s what the creative collective stands for, which has made it its business to revive art and culture in fashion and thus to spread it.
And love. Love, Always.

Credit: Bimba y Lola & (LA)HORDE

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