A conversation with Giorgia & Gilda from THE ATTICO

05.01.2022, Fashion Interview People

From their favorite cocktail, to their obsession with Cher & bags as a symbol of sexiness: Numéro Berlin talked to Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio from the italian hit brand The Attico right after the agency division of our publishing house – OOR Studio – produced the new social media campaign focussing on The Attico’s bags.

Interview: Fabio Pace

You are not only colleagues, but also friends. Where did you meet?

We met through mutual friends and immediately hit it off. We discussed working together many times over the years but didn’t have the occasion to make it happen before starting The Attico.

How is it working with your best friend? Who is taking which part in the creative & business process or do you work with joined forces?

Our visions are different and complementary at the same time. We take the best from each others’ vision. We’re both involved in all aspects of the brand. There are no roles or differences, actually. The Attico is a brand that requires our involvement in every facet for healthy, successful evolution. We’re both very present in the design. At the beginning of each season, we bring our ideas together to see where we might cross. The collections are truly manifestations of our shared vision.

How do you deal with decisions when you both don’t agree?

We’ve always felt being honest about any differences is always a good start in coming together on a solution.

Why did you decide to start The Attico & what does it mean to you?

We felt ready to express and merge our diverse voices. Our concept remains timeless dresses that we love to wear and keep forever. We continue to be inspired by bold women that have characteristics everyone can recognize in themselves. In recent years, we’ve evolved our identity by creating special projects that represent us in different ways and extend the brand into our community. We’ve been thinking about our long-term vision and how we can steadily build our product range and storytelling. We’re grateful we have achieved the goals we’ve set since launching our brand.

The Attico women in three words?

The Attico woman is iconic, eclectic, and elegantly extravagant.

You both were known for your personal style already way before you launched the brand in February 2016. How did it influence your creative vision for the brand?

Yes, our collections are a merging of our distinctive styles. The Attico stems from a precise, structured idea: a project that speaks of us, our passions and vision, fashion, and the aesthetic values we believe in.

You mentioned that popcultural icons like Cher influenced the brand. What exactly about them inspired you?

Cher is the embodiment of unparalleled style and female empowerment for us and many women. In a six-decade-long career, she has pioneered female autonomy in a predominantly male-oriented industry. Cher and her self-directed legacy — from her head-to-toe, crystal-embedded outfits to her iconic words and voice — continues to be the main inspiration since The Attico’s inception. We established our brand on the idea of empowering women, not only by impressive looks but through unapologetic values and an inner richness that shines inside and out.

Speaking of empowered women like Cher: You bring a modern way of sexiness to fashion. What is important to female sexiness nowadays?

For us, the female allure is about individuality. Sexiness is about leading a fearless life, one where you are free to be as you are.

If you had to wear one piece from all the collections for the rest of your life, what’d it be?

Giorgia: Fern multi pockets cargo denim

Gilda: Devon shoes

What is an Attico Must have?

At this moment, for both of us, it would be our 8.30 bag!

You brought a new style to Milan and made Attico the cool kid of Italian fashion – what is your personal view on the future of Italian fashion and for your brand?

Fashion is constantly changing, and we require new ways to communicate our collections. Customers wanted the collections when they saw them, not after six months. With this in mind, over a year ago, we launched a new strategy. We began to present two collections a year, aligning them with the seasons and in-store deliveries, alongside a range of multifaceted projects, capsules, and collaborations. We moved the attention from trade to consumer. We sense that more brands in the near future will embrace this approach.

Your Spring/Summer 2022 collection started with a cowboy hat. Why that? And do you always start working on a collection with a specific item?

Not always, but the hat fits perfectly on all types of women we imagined for this collection. It became the main inspiration.

A bag is the new symbol of sexiness for women and men – what defines for you a good must have bag & what is the most important aspect for an Attico bag?

Yes, the bag is the most important accessory to wear every day. We worked tirelessly on our first collection. The idea arose from our signature logo, which shaped our geometric bag design and details. Our bag line is conceived for an urban woman who lives her life frenetically and selects the perfect bag per each moment of the day and week. The bags are named after a specific hour or weekday and in signature colors such as fuchsia, turquoise, and purple.

Ibiza or New York?

Giorgia: New York

Gilda: Ibiza

Champagne or Spicy Margheritas?

Margarita. We created our own recipe.

Pop or Disco?

We prefer Disco.

Minimalism or Extravaganza?