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The latest Montblanc Great Characters Edition has been a truly special one and so it came to no surprise that also the launch of the first Montblanc x Enzo Ferrari collaboration came along in a spectacular setting. For the first symbiosis of the two legendary brands, no other place than the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena could have been better suited to showcase the rich history surrounding the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari, which has been honored in this special edition of writing instruments. In a hall surrounded by the most iconic creations of Ferrari racing cars from the very beginning in 1947 to the present day, you were able to see and breath the passion for craftsmanship and innovation that drove Enzo Ferrari, that is still alive within the Scuderia Ferrari and that is, of course, a shared passion with Montblanc.

The many accomplishments of Enzo Ferrari and the character of this pioneer of both speed and automotive design have been embodied in the detailed design of this special series of writing instruments, which are held in the iconic Ferrari red and silver. High end materials and fine engravings in the pens show the same love to detail and craftsmanship that lead to the success of Enzo Ferrari and legend around him.

We were very fortunate to be able to ask Enzo Ferrari’s second and only living son Piero, who is still shaping the Ferrari brand as Vice Chairman, a few questions about his father, the world of Ferrari and the collaboration with Montblanc:

When I’ve been walking through the Ferrari manufactory and of course the museum, I saw all these incredible cars and the people behind it, I felt so much history associated with the exceptional Ferrari brand. How would you describe it? 
I don’t look at Ferrari as only a car factory. For me it’s been a hotbed of values and a school of life, things that during my career I’ve always tried to save and nurture.

You were born 2 years before the first Ferrari left the factory in 1947. How was it for you growing up in the midst of all the emerging Ferrari magic?
It’s been memorable since the very beginning. In 1965 my father thought the Dino 166 Sport, the car debuted at Nürburgring and the presentation was so good that at the end of the season he decided to make 20 pieces. I followed the production of that car, not an easy project but it’s been exciting to create a masterpiece, now the object of desire for many collectors. After that, my passion for racing grew up…

You are extending the Ferrari brand more and more with e.g. the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, your new fashion line and latest now also with the Montblanc partnership. What do you think makes a Ferrari product or the Ferrari experience?
A Ferrari product must offer the best in design and technology. Ferrari has done a lot to spread the Made in Italy worldwide, nowadays we have still this huge responsibility.

What do you think your father would say about the carefully crafted Montblanc x Ferrari writing instruments?
He would appreciate the pursuit of excellence without compromises and the unique craftsmanship. And I do the same.

The new Montblanc collaboration writing instruments are engraved with a very strong quote from your father: “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it”. What does this quote mean to you?
This is a warning, a call to live passions. From passions can ignite work. And looking at my father’s example, form his work a great company was born. Whatever our direction could be, we always have to ask to ourselves is the company and the life we are choosing for our future reflect our passions and our values. This is my wish for everyone.

Your father always wrote with purple ink. Why did he like it so much?
It’s a family tradition. The purple ink is a memory linked to my father: he used to keep one copy of all the letters done with the typewriter, the result was a sort of a photocopy but made with something similar to a  printing press. Those copies had a deep violet colour. Everything was started form that memory.

What kind of stories do you want to write with Ferrari in the next couple of years and where do you see the Ferrari brand in the future?
We have many reasons to be optimistic, but do not have to take our success for granted. We are Ferrari and we keep proposing ideas without forgetting our DNA. If we compare our cars made in the 50s with others players’ ones, it’s clear how much the Ferraris were innovative in performance and style. We have to go ahead in this direction: giving much more to our clients, as we have always done in the past.

Interview Luis Hartmann

Picture courtesy of Montblanc


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