02.02.2022, Fashion News

Submarine streetwear summarises the aesthetic appeal of the Spring/Summer collection launched by Italian brand GCDS. Set about creating a visual extravaganza, colourful graphics are combined to shiny textures resulting in a playful dream world. 

Titled Island Appropriate, the collection represents an ode to summer where lockdown realities seem a far away memory. Presented through an 11 minute short film, Giuliano Calza’s collection is guided by a philosophy of escapism, seemingly mirroring the universal post-pandemic desire to slip away from reality. 

Chiffons, mesh, sparkles and stones construct a character merged into a waterworld fairytale. Here, streetwear meets the patterns of the 60’s and silhouettes of the 70’s through floral embellishments and platform pumps. 

An additional layer of wonder is provided by GCDS’ collaboration with One Piece, the Japanese animated series produced by Toei Animation. Within the collection, the influence of One Piece comes alive by incorporating graphic motifs and drawings on embroidered dresses and macramè tops.

All of these elements build an atmosphere of eclectic excess, transforming even the most land-locked into mythical sea creatures. With Island Appropriate, the sea comes to land and dreams meet reality- offering an escape from daily monotony in which to liberate our senses.

Words by Costanza Acernese