The newest Nuda publication is available in magazine stores soon – and we can give you an exclusive preview! Like the past issues, the creators behind independent magazine Nuda Paper, Frida Vega Salomonsson and Nora Arrhenius Hagdahl, have curated a unique list of artists, philosophers, superstars, and writers to share their insights on one topic. This time, Nuda Paper is dedicated to the ego – our psyche, brain and mind. Contributors such as Slavoj Žižek, Jeppe Hein, Esben Weile Kjær, KAWS, and Zara Larsson are exploring the depth of the subject.

The launch of the new Nuda Paper will be celebrated Friday, February 25 at Voo Store Berlin – find the RSVP in the interview down below!

What new things did you learn about the ego as you delved deeper into the topic for the magazine?
Nora: Virtual realities in today’s society can be seen as dreams and is, according to Freud, then an expression of deep sexual desires. Žižek makes a fun claim in the book about how our virtual personas might be the more true expression of the wants and needs embedded in our subconscious. Truth is a structure of fiction, and sometimes dreams depict it better than the repressed social reality we live in.
Frida: Ghost in the machine by Henrik Brändén made me think. 
Nora: If you are somehow lost, I think a lot of our contributors serve some advice on what to do. The pornstar Puma Swede trips on ACID for example. 

Which ego of another person do you find super exciting and maybe also inspired the magazine?
Nora: Frida’s ego
Frida: All the contributors we’ve worked with in the past.

You list the nine traits of narcissists in the intro, how many apply to Nuda?
Nora: 10/9, for me at least, especially the need for excessive admiration. Thanks in advance.

At the end of your intro for the magazine you also mentioned the Metaverse – Will the ego still play a role there at all?
Frida: We are all here to impress and therefore we’ll also be there to impress. You will pick out some expensive designer 3D-rendered digital outfit to “wear”, go to some NFT gallery and hang out with decentralized economy dudes. The metaverse real estate market is booming. The ego will be alive and well in the metaverse. Probably even thriving, there you can be anyone and isn’t that way everybody wants?
Nora: I’ve heard that multiple women already got raped in Metaverse, I have a hard time believing it will be a place where everybody suddenly become fully trancended ego-less beings. 

With various personality tests (like the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator you made your own Nuda version of for the issue) or zodiac signs, many try to better assess themselves. What is your opinion on that, is it helpful or limiting? You mention your sun is in cancer, in what situations does this matter to you?
Frida: Bad things need to happen for a reason and blessings are sent to you from the cosmos, because you deserve it – karma is a bitch. We all need something to hold onto as some kind of comfort in this world, where if you don’t win in life, it’s your fault and your faul only. When Mercury is in Retrograde, it can help you carry the burden. I’m not ashamed of being an ISFJ. In the Nuda-type indicator that means I’m “Loyal af and a great friend, though not exactly ‘fun’.”
Nora: We didn’t write the test, our fabulous editor Emma Veronica did. But my sun is in Cancer too. My moon is in Aries and my rising is Leo, stuff I learned just to be able to have conversations with people at after hours, and have something in common with someone I have absolutely nothing in common with.

With your launch at Berlin’s Voo Store, what can we expect there? And maybe some other things we can expect from Nuda soon?
Nora: The evening will serve music by legendary Studio Barnhus artist Kornél Kovács, a site specific installation by designer Filip Berg, an iconic and high energy performance by Danish artist Esben Weile Kjær and free tarot reading from our muse Jean Christian. It will be nothing but iconic. Don’t forget to RSVP at rsvp@vooberlin.com if you want to make it. 20-22 in the store. 
Frida: We have a surprise planned at Voo that might go terribly horribly wrong, that information alone should make it exciting enough to come.
Nora: We are soon dropping some super cute merch. It feels like we’re over identifying ourselves with big brands, the 90s band t-shirt era is making a comeback and Nuda is the hottest band to listen to.

Photo of Nora and Frida: Kimberly Ihre
Interview: Hannah Sulzbach


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