AESOP X RICK OWENS: A collaboration we needed

30.03.2022, Beauty Fashion News

The lifestyle and decor giant Aesop is launching a phenomenal collaboration with Rick Owens. The synergy between both visionaries shows in fascinating forms and the finest aesthetic and qualitative choices.

The limited collection consists of an Aromatique Candle, available in three sizes and inspired by Owen´ s furniture aesthetics, a Travel Kit containing four body and hair care products, encased in a jersey cloth embellished with subtle ornaments, and the Stoic Eau de Toilette, the heart of the collaboration created together with the parfumeur Barnabé Fillion. Aesop and Rick Owens bring the best of their philosophies together: a distinctive design and signature smell and finish of the products. The designer himself has been choosing Aesop products for his own skincare and home decor and remarks on the calming properties of the products.

Spicy black pepper and coriander seeds embody the radicality of Rick Owens, while incense and woody notes represent Aesop´ s spirit; a drop of patchouli rounds up the aromatic œuvre. The kit features a chaplet of porous ceramic beads functioning as a carrier of the scent able to prolong the wearability. The idea for the piece that can be worn as a bracelet came from Owens directly calling it a “calming amulet”.

Promoting long-term values, the collection makes a statement against short-lived trends and inspires to choose timeless classics for oneself, establishing almost a meditative state of calm, prosperity, and vitality.

The collection is available online and in selected Stores of Aesop and Rick Owens.

Picture courtesy of Aesop/ PR

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