25.03.2022, Fashion Interview

Exclusives by G-Star RAW encapsulates the limitless creativity of the brand. This season, elaborate designs are showcased within the collection themes, expressed without restraint whilst employing the G-Star DNA in its purest, most extrovert form. Rising young actor, Langston Uibel, features in the brand recent campaign shoot accepted to answer our questions on his career and his relation to fashion.

Numéro Berlin: As an actor you might have some interesting insights to share with us, a best on-set memory to tell.
Langston Uibel: Let me think. Shooting my first Netflix show Dogs Of Berlin was quite an experience. I got to play a football player, which made up for me not being good enough to become a professional football player myself (laughs). Shooting the football scenes in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin was special to me. Also, the How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) set was jokes. A bunch of young talented people in the German countryside. We had a lot of fun.

What was your reaction when you saw the appeal of the show Unorthodox on Netflix?
We knew we were working on an extraordinary story but nobody saw that kind of success coming. It was amazing to see such a specific story touch so many people all over the world. Unorthodox premiered during the pandemic and we haven’t gotten a chance to celebrate the success and the awards to this day. So to answer your question: I was overwhelmed by the appeal. But I was probably at home.

What would be your dream role in the future?
Tough question. I was thinking about that last week. I always prefer characters over plot in film. So there doesn’t have to be a lot going on in films that I like. And I’ve never been drawn to science fiction or superhero films. On the other hand I think it could be interesting to work on one.

Do you have any upcoming project that you already can share with us?
Actually, yes. I just found out that I’m allowed to talk about it: We are shooting a film called THE RED SKY written and directed by Christian Petzold starring Jonas Dassler, Paula Beer and me. The story wraps around four young people that meet at a holiday home at the Baltic Sea. It‘s set during a hot dry summer. Slowly and imperceptibly wild fires lock them in. They grow closer, they desire, they love.. Then comes the fire.

What is your relation to fashion?
I guess a small part of my job is to think about how characters express themselves through attire. Finding out everything about my character is crucial and I think fashion can be a very personal form of self-expression. There is so much intention behind it for some people and others are literally just wearing clothes.

How would you define your personal fashion style?
I really don’t know. It’s always hard to describe your own style. Isn’t it? I would assume it’s somewhere between elegant and sporty. Usually my outfit somehow mirrors my current state of mind, if that makes any sense.

How was your experience being part of a fashion campaign?
It was fun. The team was lovely. It was cute to get to know the key G-star Team from Amsterdam. Hope it wasn’t the last collaboration.

The G-Star RAW collection is inspired by a lot of different workwear / sportswear elements, is that something that appealed to you?
I played soccer on a semi-professional level and did middle distance running after that. So yes especially the sportswear element within the G-Star collection really appeal to me.

I believe you wear lucky enough to try on most of the pieces when shooting the campaign, do you have any favorites to share with us?
I think my favorite piece has to be the E Parka Dress. I need to get it for my girlfriend. Or for myself.

Picture courtesy of G-Star RAW via Bold Berlin


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