Laid back sophistication and uniqueness at MBFW — a short dive into Justin Cassin’s universe

16.03.2022, Fashion News

Hong Kong — Los Angeles — Sydney —  those are the places where designer Justin Cassin usually stays – but now he presented his new collection also at MBFW in Berlin. His fashion stands for a sense of uniqueness, well-being, individuality and diversity being the perfect choice for the look and feel of the modern man. The collection is individual, high quality and sustainable — focusing  on personal style and confidence as central aspects of Cassin’s fashion universe.

The designer’s brand was founded in LA, but it has a worldwide presence, attracting many famous faces among his guests who visited his show in Berlin on March 15, 2022. Opened and closed by supermodel Jordan Barett — Cassin’s muse and one of the most sought after models in the world — the  show was a presentation of affordable luxury and a fusion of style, highest quality materials and superior workmanship. The pieces are made to last and made to live, made to be worn and underline their wearers personality. The brand, as well as the newest collection are representing a creative and inspiring merge of values such as sustainability and individuality.

Credit: Justin Cassin/Pr


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