Numéro Berlin presents: lonely lights, a beginning


Isn’t creation, isn’t art the closest we come to divinity? Isn’t this the reason why we embrace the artist so much in ourselves? Creating keeps us alive and sharing this feeling makes us understand the unity of everything. It gives us the power to spark, to light up, to speak to people we probably haven’t spoken to before. It gives us the precious opportunity to inspire and to spread love. To help individuals that are stuck in a society that at times is so cold, cruel and demanding. The voyage of an artist can be full of glory and light, sometimes even, it is the only light left. But then, at other times, this path can get dark and lonely as well. In these moments, we have to embrace the flow, understanding that everything is in constant and divine movement and that lights will always find each other to offer support.

“I need to move on. I need to be a river. Like the Amazon. I have piranhas inside me. And crocodiles. And things undiscovered.” (Sophia Hembeck)

A genius that survives in this world is probably the only real genius. The one that understands what gift he/she is to this world, the one that understands his/her power to change hearts, to change this world for the better. The one that stopped looking for divinity outside but found it inside, to then see it everywhere.

Together with photographer and director Arnaud Ele and graphic designer Laura Knoops, Numéro Berlin and the rising fashion brand The Cabinett, founded by choreographer and songwriter SLip, started an art series to explore the inner world of an artist and visionary.

Isolated Genius is about “the process of your truth before lights are upon, the silence between the noise and the breath that creates the calm.” (SLip)

This edition captures the energy of a city, that will forever be a mystery: Isolated Genius, the Berlin Edition.


director & photographer: Arnaud Ele

editor, styling, words: Sina Braetz

creative direction: SLip

talent: Exocé

graphics & posters: Laura Knoops

music: Shane Bloom

fashion: all looks by The Cabinett

except for: coat by Brachmann, all shoes by Marsèll, socks by Falke, jewelry by DoDo

Cactus Klouds, the collection, is available for orders now.

"It's up to the audience to judge or have their opinions, I create something I find beautiful" - Han Kjobenhavn FW22 Women's collection