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The AVELLANO Fall Winter 2022-2023 show marks a turning point in the history of the house. After three seasons without a show, the brand is finally making its comeback on the catwalk and offers more committed looks. The identity of the brand evolves as well as its positioning by creating more feminine pieces than before. The clothes are all handmade in its workshop in the heart of Paris. A meticulous work that continues to progress over the years, making the brand an expert in latex. Its ecological commitment does not change since latex remains a 100% natural material harvested by bleeding the bark of the rubber tree trunk.

Today we are proud to present the new advertisement campaign for the Diesel Library collection that Glenn Martens and the creative team have been working on for months. The protagonists of the campaign are Renzo Rosso himself, Aron Piper, Diezel & Denim Braxton, Ella Snyder, Lauren Tsai and Toni Braxton.

LOEWE x On: a limited edition capsule collection
LOEWE announces a collaboration with performance brand On: a limited edition capsule collection of shoes and apparel designed for modern adventure. In a new interpretation of outdoor performance and its unforgiving requirements, LOEWE and On have reimagined long established craft skills, combining a focus on sustainability with an emphasis on applying the handmade to technical pieces.
Crafted for the great outdoors, the collection features LOEWE editions of On’s iconic Cloudventure and Cloudrock performance shoes for both men and women. Outdoor footwear is paired with six ready-to-wear pieces for women and seven for men, each built with a unique blend of performance properties and key On features— weather-adaptable Running Pants, a moisture-wicking Waterproof Anorak, temperature regulating Performance-T t-shirts and a unisex customizable insulation three-layer Parka.

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