22.03.2022, Fashion News

Vestiaire Collective, one of the global players of the preloved fashion market has proudly announced its re-launch with a more daring, fresh perspective. 
The platform stands for over 15 billion users and 3 billion items from over 80 countries now carrying the message of ‘Long Live Fashion’ and, in the first place, of change in sustainability and social availability of fashion. 

Especially in the latter has been positively affected and caused a major shift under young consumers, millennials and gen Z individuals, in how they view the concept of luxury. 
Going from the most expensive and financially unavailable to rarest, most significant, and striking for one’s own sense of style.

On the sustainability side next to the obvious groundbreaking advantages of not buying new, the app has developed a filter that helps the consumer to locate items by country or, like the case with the EU, trade zone to avoid customs fees and additional CO2 emissions during the shipping. Supported by a team of skilled experts, all items can be verified in their brand originality which, unlike other platforms, majorly advantages Vestiaire Collective in transaction safety, a big sorrow of, oh so anonymous online resale market.

“Since the inception of Vestiaire Collective, we have always been driven by a desire to break the rules and offer our global community another point of view on fashion. It is part of our DNA to challenge the status quo and rethink the way people consume fashion for now and for a better future. Today, we want to celebrate our global community of committed fashion lovers as they help transform the fashion industry for a more sustainable future”

-Fanny Moizant, co-founder and President at Vestiaire Collective

Driven by self-expression and diversity, Vestiare Collective has chosen mascots of the new spirit of the community: five style icon puppets created from pre-loved clothing serve as a representation of different styles and embody customer’s motivation. Miss Clasique and her chic and polished timeless pieces, Lady Green, more B Corp embodying the notion of fashion being a circular phenomenon, Hunter, patiently scrolling and enjoying the process of acquiring new pieces the most. Rich sees great business potential in his wardrobe, bidding on the next big piece to be and to sell, while Drops is always there for collabs and big logos, characters we can probably all identify with somewhere.

In the recent years, we have all been very drilled to be fast. To chase with the trends and everything changed in seconds. One often no longer had the feeling to keep up and admittedly there are so many beautiful things. But we got a little lost in it. We should go back there, to the moments in which a coat makes us happy just by seeing it hanging in our closet every time. We should give clothing a little more artistic essence again and not just see as something that should accompany us periodically. Fashion again seen as art and sense this feeling to have found something very special again, to take time again for this search and also to assign a higher value to quality.

With this move, Vestiaire Collective states how to combine the urgency of action, suggestions for change, and great fun and passion in what one does as a community. 

Picture courtesy of Vestiaire Collective/ PR

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