,,Unique’’ is calling: Your clothing is the stage for your identity – Vic Matié

09.03.2022, Anzeige Fashion News

Longlife, made in Italy, unique, natural, multifunctional and obviously cutting-edge — keywords that allow us to enter the universe of Vic Matié and we could definitely name some more.
A whole dimension full of pieces setting a statement that fierce design and local production can go hand in hand, allowing you to express your character through your style.
Vic Matié replaces Fast-Fashion by personal and unique pieces which are a stage for your identity and at the same time longtime and considerate companions on your way through fashion — and your whole life.
Longevity, transparency and fairness, those are the central ideas of Silvia Curzi, Creative Director of Vic Matié. Pieces that are made to last, like a heirloom that belongs to you for a lifetime. It is a part of you, your life and your style, reflecting your character, pushing your self-confidence and encourage you to interpret all pieces in your very own way.

The SS22 collection reflects the freshness and lightness of the slowly but surely approaching summer, representing as well the merging of vintage styles interpreted by modern influences. Unexpected and unconventional designs are the key to an unique style — fashionable, personal and in the progressive thought of the environment. 
Vic Matié’s collection impresses with shoes of outstanding designs, remaining in our heads. But at the same time they accompany us to the theater evenings and dinners with our close friends.
Remarkable pastel shades such as almond, butter, mint green or lavender, catching and reflecting what summer feels like — platform shoes and sporty feminine designs can be combined with unusual socks, adding another very personal touch.

The men’s collection is kept in neutral colors, plain and soft materials are characteristic for this collection. But the shoes are gender neutral – standing for a fusion of masculinity and femininity, presented in a color range from black to grey and tone in tone models. Objects merging into a single perception with each other.
But the SS22 collection also surprises with unisex handbags that safely store our spring & summer essentials, and when it’s that time again – of course our “winter-survival-basics”. The theme of the bag collection is detached from the themes of the shoe collections — a fulfilling of function in an aesthetic and individual way.

The entire collection virtually presents the summer we’d been unbearably missing in all facets and already makes us want more.
A collection made to last and to impress, but also to express: To express yourself and set your own statement.
And besides, this is what we understand by creative freedom – and this feeling transfers to everyone wearing Vic Matié.

Picture courtesy of Vic Matié


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