11.03.2022, Music Weekend Music

Sounds which fill in the blank spaces in our heads. Sounds which heal the wound in our hearts. Sounds which softly dry the tear slipping down our cheeks. This is the unspoken philosophy which Ukrainian labels Standard Deviation and Mystictrax incorporate in their latest collaborative release: РАЗОМ ЗА УКРАЇНУ / TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE.

Two weeks passed since Russia has invaded Ukraine, destroying cities and shattering lives of million of people. Since February 24, the Russian military has continued its advance in Ukrainian territory- as Ukraine continues its valiant efforts to stop this.

In the midst of this crisis several clubs, organizations, promoters and artists have come together to support and give aid to the Ukrainian society. Under this common desire to provide financial, humanitarian and logistic support to the cultural community, Standard Deviation- owned by Kyiv based club ∄ has joined forces with Mystictrax -a Ukrainian label run by Lostlojic in the newly released РАЗОМ ЗА УКРАЇНУ / TOGETHER FOR UKRAINE compilation. 65 artists, Ukranian and international, join forces to collect funds supporting the people of Ukraine- indeed, all profits from this release will be split between the following charity funds: 

– The ‘Return Alive’ Fund, helping at the Ukrainian front 
– National Bank of Ukraine Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance 
– ‘Ukraine Pride’ Fund for LGBTQIA+ soldiers and LGBTQIA+ people affected by the war 
– ‘Голос Дітей’ Fund, helping children affected by the war 

The expansive compilation features tracks from Bjarki, D.Dan, Elad Magdasi, Phase Phatale, Schacke and Kyiv-based artists Poly Chain and Omon Breaker, who co-curated the fundraiser, as well as a number of Ukrainian producers.

The compilation will be exclusively available via Bandcamp.

Together with the compilation, Kyiv based cultural institution ∄ (locally known as K41) launched a community fund with the aim to organize transport within Ukraine and abroad (cars, trains, buses); organize shelters; facilitate jobs in the EU; organize housing and provide psychological help. Follow this link to donate: https://k41community.fund.

Slava Ukraini.

Words by Costanza Acernese

Picture courtesy of mentioned labels