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08.04.2022, Fashion

Between skate culture and fashion, history and contemporary clothing, as well as African culture and Western civilization moves the Dutch powerhouse label Daily Paper with which Numéro Berlin wants to pay tribute to street culture.

Founded in 2012 by three childhood friends, Hussein, Jefferson and Abderrahmane, the label quickly became the epitome of coolness and authenticity. However, before the three started making fashion, it became clear pretty quickly that that wasn’t enough; they were navigating interdisciplinary waters. With the blog already established, they shared their love for music, art, culture and fashion, which also generated a huge network and from which eventually sprang the fashion brand. Daily Paper is still at the intersection of lifestyle and fashion brand, which is why the brand is still so community-driven.
Daily Paper always succeeds in combining streetwear with influences from African culture. Staying true to their origins is elementarily important for the founders. Not only that: Hussein, Jefferson and Abderrahmane have also set themselves the task of changing the perception of African cultures in Western civilization. That, too, is the brand’s identity. Creating connections and building bridges is a way to strengthen and emphasize commonalities. Skateboarding is one such example. The fusion with streetwear goes hand in hand and has always inspired each other. Together with Off-White, Daily Paper supported the construction of the Freedom Skate Park in Ghana’s capital Accra with the help of a collaboration just last year.
Together with Numéro Berlin, therefore, we now want to briefly pause, celebrate the unifying elements of skating and the versatility of culture and fashion.

Photography & Video: Tristan Rösler
Creative Direction & Styling: Jeanna Krichel
Grooming: Miwa Moroki
Talents: Zec Meire, Loic Amba and Felix
Photography Assistant and DOP: Renè Grincourt
Styling Assistant: Orlane Melza

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