10.05.2022, Anzeige

Sleep-Care: A must have that we did not know we needed yet

All people have one thing in common – we sleep. But what is sleep? Once, in the Romantic era, the night was seen as a time to let the soul fly, roaming the silent night, which was only for dreaming, a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life — and it still is, with the innovative ideas of Bett I. Sleeping is about recovering, stripping off all sorrow, it’s about dreaming, letting go the strain of our daily routine, it’s simply like a good and deep breath. BETT1 allows its customers, to enjoy exactly these moments of rest — or better to say, these moments of joy. Sleep is like a must-have, like its piece, a part of everyone’s self-care, it’s simply lifeblood and the center of BETT1’s thoughts. 

BETT1 now launches its new minimalist mattress, which stands out not only for its style but especially for its quality and utility. The Bodyguard mattress is reversible and has innovative zones coming with the ability of a medium-hard side, which can be turned at will. There are four innovative and symmetrically arranged ergonomic modules that provide the perfect lying comfort. The head of the company not only provides good value for money but also promises excellent quality products. The core of the mattress is made of the innovative QX foam, assuring stability as well as making the mattress feather-light. With the removable HyBreeze functional cover, conjuring a pleasant sleeping climate, the mattress is an ideal companion for every night, strictly tested according to OEKO-TEX standards.

The new campaign of BETT1 is lively, colorful, and above all authentic. Designed to provide the best sleep and the best possible relaxation time during use, the brand offers a great price-performance ratio, allowing every customer, to afford a little piece of heaven for their bedroom. Yes, every customer — it blends perfectly into everyone’s life, whether they would be chaotic, creative, turbulent, or silent. The mattress by BETT1 is unique — just like you are. Six different characters are overwhelmed by BETT1‘ excellent quality and the relief a mattress can bring, in all situations of your life. Thibaud Gyonnet, young, dynamic, traveling all around the world with his success and style, adores to lay down after a productive day, this success is his sleeping pill — just like Chi C. Hang, a famous artist working with ceramics.

But how to be successful and relaxed, how to start your day without a good mattress? Mary Komasa, producing her own music, and traveling a lot with her husband, adores her own bed, but once again the question: How to love a bed, without a good mattress? Beds are made to relax from journeys, both from real travel and the journey through life, it’s about finding peace, as Maja Wheye, artist, designer, and model claims. Whether you are sleeping alone or sharing the bed with the whole family, the atmosphere in your bedroom is important, Linda Tol, fashion icon, her husband Renwe Jules, and their son Louie can approve.

What gets you up in the morning?
CHI.C. HAHN: Whenever it gets light, there is a clear sky and the sun is shining outside I want to jump up immediately and start the day. I’m generally an early riser as I love to get more out of the day. Most of all I love waking up in my own four walls to carry out my daily routines.

What gets you through the night?
LINDA TOL, RENWE JULES & LOUIE: Relaxation before bed. We have our routine with Louie. Bathtime together. And reading a book together before going to bed. The bedroom atmosphere is important to us. A tidy bedroom and clean fresh sheets.

What do you dream about and what are you doing to make your dreams a reality?
THIBAUD GUYONNET: I am a big dreamer and also very impulsive. I am constantly having ideas and, like a kid, I can often get too excited, which can lead to sleepless nights. I manage to make those dreams come true because of the support system I have around me. People that love and support me, giving me the trust in myself that I need.

Alyssa and Gia, best friends, models, and DJs claim, that it can sometimes be hard to fall asleep, they tell us about melatonin spray and a glass of red wine — or maybe a mattress by BETT1 can do the job? A mattress, that’s unique like its customers, giving you, what you need, whether it’s a rest for soul and mind or a place to dream. BETT1 provides it all and lets you make your dreams in the daytime come true after you dreamt and recovered at night. 

Courtesy of BETT1 by Lottermannfuentes, styled by Niki Pauls, Hair&Make Up Ischrak Nitschke


As part of the Givenchy Pre Fall 22 collection


As part of the Givenchy Pre Fall 22 collection