15.05.2022, News

An exhibition. An experience. A place to inspire writing.

Hamburg, May 10, 2022. Welcome to the birthplace of luxury maison Montblanc, where together with its headquarters, now also welcomes its most recent extension: MONTBLANC HAUS.

The HAUS has a dual, fundamental function: to share the story of the craftsmanship behind the Maison and to shed light on the practice of handwriting. On 3 floors and a total of 3,600 m², visitors are offered an immersive brand experience with a focus on this form of art. Designed by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, the building concept pays homage to the form of a classic writing instrument packaging. Its dark silhouette is embellished with white hadings, reflecting the brand’s signature color combination and polished aesthetic.

The focus is writing- writing as a form of art and infinite expression of the human mind and emotions. Indeed, the permanent exhibition within the walls of the HAUS doesn’t only tell the history of the brand (from the founding days to the present), but especially celebrates women and men who give life to its writing instruments through the power of their words. Through the motto ‘Inspire Writing’, the exhibition is divided in sections and invites visitors to explore the following different topics:

The pulse of writing– an immersive experience that explores the power and value of putting ideas into words.

Legacy and Vision tells the story of Montblanc and the iconic Meisterstück

Handwriting from all over the world represents various types of written works transformed into artistic manuscripts.

Craftsmanship and innovation demonstrates the expertise of the brand at the development and production of writing implements.

Montblanc Collections presents various collections including limited editions and exclusive high artistry pieces released throughout the years.

The Mark – Making – area includes an autograph library with 30 originals handwritten notes from icons such as Ernest Hemingway and Albert Einstein, to Frida Kahlo and Spike Lee combined with a digital guest book experience for visitors to leave their own mark.

Throughout Montblanc Haus, visitors are invited to experience the wonder of writing by hand in a very personal way. Montblanc writing instruments are offered to be tested by the public, together with allowing to send postcards with their thoughts around the globe. As part of its commitment to the culture of writing, The Haus offers a series of classes in its Writing Atelier to visitors including the art of calligraphy, creative writing and kids classes. Furthermore, the Maison will host special classes dedicated to disadvantaged children and young adults to inspire them to use writing to their advantage and to express themselves creatively.

Self-expression is not limited to words- visual arts also represent a fundamental dialogue between inner and outer realms. Reason for which the walls of the Haus are filled with works of art, specifically commissioned in its honor. The work of Paris-based artist Wendy Andreu is the first thing visitors encounter, created from wool colored with ink and filled with surprising details that reveal themselves with every look: words, waves, the shape of mountains.

Words by Costanza Acernese

Picture courtesy of Montblanc


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