09.05.2022, Fashion

Silhouettes meet seduction, modern meets classic — Wolford and GCDS

A new surprising collaboration between Wolford and GCDS — exciting and playful. 
Combining tradition and the trendy style of GCDS — leading to a collection that is fusing style and seduction, emphasizing silhouettes as much as putting aesthetics in the spotlight. It’s Wolford´ s first athleisure collection including women’s and men’s wear, representing a big benefit for both companies — and in the first position — the customers. 

Founded in Austria in 1950, Wolford is the market leader in skiwear representing a company that’s known worldwide for their timeless classics. Being known as the epitome of exclusive hosiery and bodywear as well as a paragon of high quality and excellent wearing comfort the brand is loved and appreciated all around the globe. As Wolford is always open to creative ideas and new inspirations the newest collection will become a firework of creativity and style. Found in 2015 in Milan, GCDS is known for its forward-thinking but nonetheless playful and aesthetic style. Founding members Giuliano and Giordano Calza are standing up for the local production of their collections and sustainability. 

The collection of the two fashion brands is dedicated to three main themes. Firstly, a functional animal design with alternating transparent stripes, which is mainly found on sports socks, leggings, and bodysuits. Furthermore, pieces with the continuous GCDS logo pattern can be found, such as short socks, and leggings in a shimmering black or in powder tones, making a statement with the power of GCDS’ iconic logo. Acid green and black are the components of the third main theme of this collection: the men’s bodysuits with long sleeves and leggings with sports shorts in a camouflage pattern. In total, the Athleisure Capsule collection consists of 13 unique pieces out of the joint universe of Wolford and GCDS, combining classic design and trends. 

Trends, aesthetics and the future of fashion are newly explored and given a new hearing by the two companies. Thinking ahead, they are creating the streetwear culture of the future for women and men. This collaboration delivers everything you want because each piece was designed with love, creativity, and attention to detail to make every customer feel unique and comfortable becoming one with the garment — it’s just like stripping on a second skin. 

The collection will be available from the 5th of may in Wolford and GCDS boutiques, online on both of the websites as well as in an exclusive network of Italian and international GCDS and Wolford stores and multi-brand retailers. 

Picture courtesy of Haebmau Atelier/ PR


Summertime in Michigan – the California-based, multidisciplinary artist


Summertime in Michigan – the California-based, multidisciplinary artist